Whether the hair of the head, whether male or female, exalts the beauty of both of them, and the absence of these hairs is certainly a great deprivation and their loss is not less than punishment. Wants to get rid of the punishment because nowadays it has become common to become bald, while very few people know that almost all men have hair fall but in some men the process is so low that they have to get bald. On the other hand, in some men this process is too much.On the other hand, in some men this process is too much and most of their head becomes completely empty of hair. In some men, the hair on both sides of the forehead first begins to fall. And fall backwards and this process occurs in many men at the age of puberty, it is very slow and hair follicles take many years to complete Some menstruation begins to rust from the middle or top of the head.

And such men begin to use different chemicals for fear of getting emaciated too soon, but currently there is no chemical that can stop the falling hair.
 In fact, there are a number of reasons why men lose their hair and most of them are preventable and this problem is due to a lack of different genetics and to other family members.

The second cause of hair loss is reported as growing age, as every man and woman both experience mild hair loss as they grow older and hair growth slows down and thickens after 30 years of age. The hair begins to weaken and the hair thickness begins to decrease at this age.
According to one study, hair loss may be due to poor diet.

That is, like every other part of the body, the hair needs nutrients to grow and stay healthy, like sudden weight loss and low iron levels or poor diet can cause hair fall.
  In addition, too much mental tension can also cause hair fall.

Also it can be dangerous to tie the hair too tightly if your hair is too long and if you tie them tightly to anything, it can damage the roots of the hair as well.
 Similarly, people with itching in the head can lose their hair if they do not get itchy immediately. It is very damaging to the hair and temporary hair loss as a result of itching in the hair. Depression may be encountered.

If there are small red spots that cause itching, if you also have this problem then just refrain from treasuring as much as possible and consult a doctor so that further damage can be avoided.
  According to another study, hair loss is usually inherited, as has been observed in twins, hair loss is always the same.And they fall the same and they are the same, while the hair on the back is stronger than the front or the top of the hair, so today under the modern technology, the hair on the back is used. The hair is being applied to the front of the hair and this process is called a hair transplant.