Hello how are you Doing all? In today’s Page, A Going TO share Very NEW AND Unique ideas for fingerless Gloves. Below are the gorgeous ideas.


In the next base stitch and now we’re going to stay here at the beginning with four double crochets. Let’s make three chains. Let’s come inside this empty space and do low crochet. Three chains. Let’s skip three base points and go to the next one. Here we work on the four high points forming the first design. Now we work on both currents here. We make the high point and we will repeat exactly what we did here. Four high points. The three currents. Low point. We skip three base points. We make the last four stitches and finish the last double crochet on top of this third chain, making two chains of space here. We finish this line more. Notice that we just repeated on this side what we did here. If we had more points here, we would make another square like this here. So this is the repeat sequence. Let’s do the five chains. Hight point. We now work point by point.

We made four stitches and in this chain space we will work three double crochets. Two chains. Let’s go to this other space and work three high points. Now let’s do the last four points of this part. Two chains. High point and we repeat on this side exactly what we did here. We finish this line and both sides are equal. I’ve already done the five ascent chains. Let’s turn our piece over. Let’s go to the next point and work double crochet. Now we’re going to repeat those 16 stitches that we made on this line here. Inside this empty space we will make two double crochets. Two chains and we go to the next group of double crochets. We repeat exactly what we did here. On this side here too. Always the same repetition on both sides. We finished another line, leaving us with this very beautiful drawing. Now the next line will be the repeat of the first line. I’ve already done the five chains here. Let’s work on the first empty square. Two chains. We skip two points. We do high point in the next one. Two chains. We skip two stitches and double crochet in the next one. So it will be this repetition following exactly as we did below. We finish this line, which is the repetition of the first. Now we’re going to repeat the second line up here. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth line. So we will always work repeating these lines up here until we reach the ideal size of our piece. From here on, it’s just repetition.

I made a slightly larger sample here so you can see the piece clearly. We did exactly the same repetition here as we did in this first part. So we repeat again and again until we reach the size of our piece. Here on the side we can make a beak. We can create the nozzle you want. We can work on high points. A row of double crochets. For example, doing point over point here and two double crochets in each space we have here. We work like this until we reach the corner. In the corner we can make a fan of three double crochets. Three chains and three double crochets in the same place or we can work six or eight stitches here in the corner without any chain in between. Just to do the singing. Then here on the side we repeat what we do here. One double crochet for each base stitch and two double crochets here in the range of stitches in this empty space.


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