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Today i have 10 beautiful and amazing patterns for blankets, cardigans, borders, shawls, bags, sweater etc. These all are so pretty and unique. Mostly they are in 2 or more color yarns. I hope you would love all these patterns. For getting free patterns, click on the image of the pattern you want.

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This is super easy nd beautiful pattern done in very cute and soft colors. I love this pattern. Its really very beautiful and very unique in making. Its look like butterflies or bows in lines with a new style. These are my favorite colors for baby blankets, baby cardigans, baby hats, and many more things you can imagine off. You can also make something for you as shawl, bags, scarfs and mittens. i hope you would love to make this pattern . You can add any color on you can do it in single color as you like.

This is one of the beautiful pattern for baby blankets or cardigans. this pattern is comfy and super warn as it is thick.This pattern can be done in multiple colors or single color. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

This is decoration pattern with crochet. This is super cute and easy. You can make these for key chains or for hangings. click on the picture to get free pattern.

This pattern is called bos patterns. easy and beautiful. This pattern is ideal for making baby blankets and bags.

This pattern is done for women vest or sweaters. You can use this pattern for making shawls and scarfs. This is pretty and easy pattern and would look great in single color.

This pattern is really different and done in a new way. This is not for blankets or shawls, but suitable for summer vests , shirts, wedding shawls, and summer dress. This is really easy and can be done really fast.

This pattern is also for summer shawls , tops, and scarfs. This is also easy and done in a new way to create a new look. For getting free pattern, click on the picture and get the free pattern.

I love this super cute pattern. This pattern is suitable for making laces, headbands, blanket borders and vest borders. This is beautful pattern and looks more pretty in 2 colors.

This pattern is specially made for blankets and throws. This pattern is hard and warm for making blankets and spreads. This is easy pattern and done in single crochet stitch and front post tr stitch.

This pattern is for headbands and bag straps. This is done by doing circles and then circles among the circles. This is interesting and cute pattern.

Last but not the least, this is my favorite pattern among all the pattern posted today. This is best suitable for any of your projects. This can be done is single color or mutiple colors.

So, these 10 pattern are posted here and i gave all the pattern for free. For getting pattern click on the picture that you want . Thank you. share these patterns with your friends and family.