Hello gorgeous crochet ladies and guys , too. How are you all? Trying and searching new crochet stitches or patterns??? Ok , you wait is over. I brought you a bunch or new stitches and patterns that are must try. These all are so gorgeous and cool patterns to try. Pattern are super easy and simple s0 you can easily learn these.

I have attached all patterns tutorials along with all pictures. All tutorials are totally free and taken from the YouTube. I admire all the YouTube crochet artists. These are not my personal works. I have also shared my own works here for free. You can check the site to get more patterns. I have two YouTube channels so you can get my patterns there too. You just need to subscribe my channels and stay tuned.

First pattern that i wanna share is very eye-catching and unique by its look. You can see the colors floating after each other. In this pattern, all colors are started same time and then goes around. You can make coaster with this pattern. If you keep going like round to round. Then you can make a cute afghan in square shape.

Next pattern is so pretty and cool . These are squares started by making a puff flower. These can be made to make a beautiful blanket, a cardigan, bag, mats, or scarfs too. You can make single piece for a coaster or make a multiple of these to do a big project.

This is so cute granny square with 3d flower. I love this pattern. This is so easy and fast to make. This pattern is started by making two circle rounds and then making petals by doing dc tr. I just love this pattern. By using these squares you can create vest gorgeous blankets, cardigans, tops, mats, hats, bags , scarfs and many more.

This pattern is made for coasters. You can do coaster in different colors. If you wanna make these in small size, then skip some rounds from the start.

These motifs are cutest . Little flowers are made in the center and then made four big leaves.

This last pattern is made for cup coasters. Starting is just simple and easy to do. You can make these coasters in small or big size by shipping or adding some rounds. Border is so beautiful and 3d in shape. You can use this border to any of your project like blankets, dress, or around you shawls.

Look at this beautiful baby blanket with the contrast of pretty soft colors, white and baby pink. I always love to do baby items with these two colors. Both colors suit really well for baby items. Pink is always for girls, and white for both. For baby boy, do a contrast like sky color or pale yellow or green. This pattern is done in square parts, then joining them all together. We have done pink color in the center and white for the border. You can do the opposite or do any of other color. Rainbow would be great too. This pattern is not only for baby blankets, you can do shawls, scarfs, bags, mats, mittens or whatever you can do or manage with this pattern.