Super Beautiful Crochet Sweater Vest Shawl Pattern FREE

Super Beautiful Crochet Sweater Vest Shawl Pattern FREE

Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you? Welcome everyone to another class here on the channel. In today’s video we are going to learn how to make a very delicate stitch.

It has a very nice relief on our piece. It’s very easy to do. We can work pillow covers. We can make rugs. Baby blankets. Bed weights. Finally, a huge diversity of works with this point. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel yet, do so now. Also activate the notification bell to be notified every time there is a new video here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos.

To work this stitch here we need to make initial stitches that are multiples of two, that is, we are going to make chains two by two until we reach the length of our piece here. To make this sample with you I’m going to work making 34 chains. Always a multiple of 2. We made all initial chains.


Super Beautiful Crochet Sweater Vest Shawl Pattern FREE

We are going to start working on the second chain making a single crochet here which is the first stitch of this row. Now we are going to loop our needle. Let’s go in the next chain and we’ll bring a loop. We have three loops here on the hook. We lasso and we are going to take one of them.

We loop the needle. We’re back in the same space we’ve already worked on and we’re going to bring another loop. Now we loop and pull them all out at once. Let’s go to the next stitch and we’ll work a very low stitch here. We loop the needle. Let’s go to the next point. We bring a loop. We lasso and take one out. We lasso. In the same place we bring one more loop and now we are going to remove all five loops at once.

Super Beautiful Crochet Sweater Vest Shawl Pattern FREE

Here we have the first, second, third. In the fourth chain we are going to make a double crochet here. These three initial chains already serve as the first point of this line. Let’s go to the next point and work a double crochet. The next stitch we make a very low stitch. This is the beginning of our line. We will repeat this way here throughout our work.

Arriving here at the end of our row we made the last work of the loops. Now in the last stitch we are going to work a low stitch as we did there at the beginning of our row. We are now going to make an up current. We turned our piece over and the stitch design is looking like this. In this first space that we have here, we are going to work on a low point. In the next stitch that we have, we are going to work now making a very low stitch. In the next one we make a low point.

A very low point and a low point. This will be the repetition of our line. We finish this row with a single crochet and from here it’s just repetition. We will always repeat these two lines until we reach the size of our piece here. So the more lines we make here, the more evident our stitch becomes. Look how beautiful with this relief here in front of our piece.

It’s pretty cool for us to work on various types of pieces here in crochet. On the other side we have this design and it is also very straight. I hope you enjoyed this class. If you liked it, leave a like. Subscribe here to the channel. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Thank you so much for everyone’s attention.


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