Silent message
Divorce and little innocent son “
Today, again in Ami and Abu, there was a daily battle. The father-in-law also said badly to Amy. The grandmother also supported her father-in-law. And you and the great-great-grandfather rescued him in his grandmother’s ear. It is said that Ami Jan made a scream and fell to the ground in a state of unconsciousness. Daddy, grandma, grandma all left Amy and I could stand for a long time crying to Amy. But first of all, Abu Jan did not come to celebrate me.
After a long time Amy came to her senses. The first time I saw Amy was so unconscious. They tied their clothes in a bale and so did me. And grabbed my hand and walked out. I was screaming but Amy was on the road dragging me. I thought maybe Abu would just come and pick me up. But that didn’t happen. And Amy dragged me to Nana’s house.
Amy left me inside and ran inside. I was amazed that this had never happened before. Nana Jan didn’t even come out to pick me up.
When I arrived, everyone was crying. Granny Nana and Amy. Yes, Mommy was standing on one side and what the girls were saying to my mommy mouth.
For several days I kept crying and telling my mother that I should go to my house and I remember my father. Sometimes Granny even used to support Amy.
Many days later, I learned from the children of the neighborhood that my father had divorced my mother. Children tease me that you are not Abu. She would cry even more when I told mom. Since that day I have given up stubborn Abu.
Then a few days later some people came and started looking at my mum carefully. I feel bad. This often happens. Then one morning I saw in the morning that my mum was wearing new clothes. I thought maybe there was a festival and I was waiting for new clothes too. But it did. ..
Some people came in to sign a book from my mommy and went with my mom for an hour. Later, the grandmother told you that your mum was married now and moved to another village. I was exhausted.
Y’all .. first you snatched my daddy now hugged Amy. Or what is my fault? Now who will stay with me? Who will tell me to you? Who will give me the toys? Who will leave me at school? Who will nourish me?