Hello and welcome to my crochet page. How are do doing my crochet peeps. Crochet is energy to me in all times. So, I brought you some new and interesting pattern to give you mor energy. These patterns are different. Some of pattern are for motif blankets, some are for simple regular blankets or sweaters or shawls. Patterns are super easy and beginners friendly. If you are new in crochet and you only know about how to do chains and how to do double crochet stitch. Then try these patterns out.  If you like these free patterns, you can share them on any platform free of cost. I have no issue to use these pattern but do not forget to admire the artist.

I am attaching here all free videos for these patterns. All these videos are taken from the YouTube. You can other video of these artists on their personal YouTube channels. I admire all these artists

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Love this pattern to make some dish cloths and motifs to do afghans in new style.

Super cute and easy coasters are done with two colors and with twisted border.

Bows or butterflies pattern is done for making baby blankets in very beautiful way.

This twisted motif doily or coaster is love. You can make dozens of these and join them to make a blanket.

This pattern is specially made for summer women vest in a new and amazing way.

This one is always my favorite pattern to do for cardigans and baby blankets.

I love this flower coaster. This is too easy to make, also pretty to see. Make a set these flower coasters and give your table a new look. I have used 2 basic colors for this coaster, but you can add other colors too. This one coaster will take only 15 minutes to complete.

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 Written pattern is attached below

Total rounds 7

Hooks size 1.5/2mm

Yarn 2/3 ply

R1; 12dc in magic circle

R2; 2dc in each st (24)

COLOR change

R3; 5ch, 1dc in same st, ch 1, skip 1st , 1dc in next ch, 2 ch, 1dc in same st , 1ch, skip 1 st, 1dc, 2 ch, 1dc in same st, REPEAT

R4; 2dc, 2ch,2dc in each space

R5; repeat R4

R6; 8dc in each space

R7; Color change, sc in each st (8sc on 8 dc),