Hello and welcome to my crochet page. How are you doing all? Summer is almost done and winter is approaching . So for winter we all need some new , easy and quick patterns to make some projects. So i am here to share very fresh and quick patterns to make big or small projects. You can make blankets, throws, bags, scarfs, tops , shawls , coaster, mats and many more things. Do blankets for the little ones and gift them on their birthdays or even on Christmas. So here are the patterns. All are taken from the YouTube so these are totally free to get and share.

Crochet is about to create garments or wearable things with yarn and hook. This is the best art in the world to create such amazing things. If you are crochet artist, you know it how amazing this art it. This art is really helpful to reduce your stress or any of negative things. This art keeps your mind busy in creation. If you need a job or you wanted to help your family more, you can crochet and sell. This is more expensive handmade art. People all over the world earn so much with this art. If you are good at writing crochet patterns, just open a shop and start earning. This car seat cover is the best thing made by a crochet artist. You can create your favorite item with crochet. You can make blankets, shawls, tops, skirts, frocks, socks, hats, bags, bed covers, mittens, shoes, or what ever you can imagine of. You can also make animals , fruits, veg, cartoons, dolls or many more amigurumi with crochet.
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First pattern is for making a granny square with flower in center. This is so cute and easy to do. Make these motifs and join them to make a blanket or a top or a bag.

Crochet table mat coaster

Crochet rug pattern

Cute crochet hearts rug

Crochet table coasters

Easy crochet rug

beautiful pattern

Easy shawls or cardigan patterns

This pattern is created to make a blanket or a bed cover. This is very unique pattern using puff stitch with chains. You can add many colors in this pattern.

I always love this pattern and lobe to share with you. This is gorgeous among all patterns and can be done in manu colors and in any size. Tops in this pattern, would look so great.

This is simple and small motif with flower in center . This is little and cute pattern for doing tablecloth and vests. You can use many colors in this pattern to make more cool.

This is super nice and gorgeous crochet pattern . Make a bunch of these motifs and join them together. This would be a cool throw. You can make this motif in big size too, by increasing the rows.

This is something very unique and new in crochet. I bet you have never seen this pattern for square motifs. You can make these bigger by adding more rows.

This is easy and fast pattern to make a shawl or a scarf in this pattern. Two colors are used in this pattern.

Thank you so much for visiting and appreciating my efforts. If you are a crochet artist and you wanna share your work with people, comment below and give you email address. I will contact you and will share your work here to reach more people.

More patterns

I love this pattern. This is so cool and gorgeous. This is also easy to do. You just need to have 3 colors yarn and a hook. I am attaching a video pattern with this blog for you to understand and get pattern free. If you follow the video carefully then you can make the same pattern and same look. I love the colors that are used in this pattern. These color combination is my favourite. I hope you would love this pattern and would love to try this pattern for making or starting your new project. Thank you in advance.

This is crochet Tunisian stitch with some new tricks and with some more beautiful ideas. Tunisian stitch looks like , or more close to the knitting patterns, as it is really with small portions. This stitch is basically made with he technique of knitting, where all loops are on the hook, and you pull through one by one. Its looks like ”filled” patterns, no holes are made. This is best for baby cardigans, shoes, bags, scarfs, mats or something you can think of. Most of the people are doing shoes with this, add some more colors and . these shoes just look like knitted. This stitch is one of the solid pattern. So, i have done some tricks in this simple Tunisian stitch to give it more beautiful look.