Hello crochet lovers , welcome to my crochet page.

Today I am gonna show you four beautiful and gorgeous pattern for making blankets, afghans, shawls, cardigans, mats, rugs, washcloths, bags, scarfs, dress, hats and many more. These patterns are adjustable to use in any projects. All patterns are done in 2 or 3 colors, so you can make them in your own colors.

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This pattern is really cool. Three colors or yarns are used in this pattern to give more delight and lively look. In this pattern you can see all three color equally. This pattern is best suitable for making baby blankets, afghans, cardigans, sweaters, vests, shawls, scarfs and other thing. You can make big or small project with this pattern easily. Click on the picture to get free pattern for this pretty piece.

This pattern is very unique by its look and pattern. It seems like there are 2 color strands , weaved and stitched. This pattern is not as simple as it looks. Some people will say that this is done by making strand than weaving. But this is different. If you understand the 2 rows of this pattern, then you can easily do this. If you like you can do this in single color too. I hope you would love this beautiful pattern. Hat with this pattern look more great. Click on the photo to learn the stitch.

Here is again a very unique pattern for blankets , afghans, mats and bags. This looks so different . Pattern is also different from the regular one. I have attached the pattern with the photo. You can get that free pattern by clicking on the picture.

Last pattern is done in very pretty 2 colors. These are my favorite colors together. Pattern is just awesome and you can get this pattern really easily. Pattern is simple. You just need to learn how to do single crochet and how to do front post treble crochet. This is gorgeous pattern for almost all projects. I can see a pretty afghan with this pattern. Click on the photo to get free pattern for this beauty.

So, today i am going to show you a really pretty crochet pattern for a floral or flower garden blanket. This is so cute and beautiful for a blanket. It looks so delicate and colorful . This pattern is basically taken from the Yenihobi. This piece of fiber is made with yellow flowers and white base. You can see the green leaves too. Its full flower look. First we named this fiber piece ”yellow flower garden”. But you can say only flower garden because it can be done in any color of flower. So its Flower garden pattern. This can be used as blankets, shawls, Scarfs, mats, rugs, dishcloth or pot holder. You can use this pattern in any of your project. You can do bags with this pattern. Change the flower colors and make different blankets. If you know how to do a fiber easily, then it is very simple pattern for you to make. Beads are added to give more beautiful look to this fiber. This fiber is made with small hook and thin yarn. But for blankets , you just need to have a regular yarn and the hook. For a normal blankets, we use 3 ply yarn and the hook with 3mm.