Hello my crochet peeps ♥️ How are you doing all? Today i wanna share again some new and interesting patterns for many different crochet things. I have one pattern to make a table placemats or a coaster for dishes. One pattern is to make a beautiful and cool basic with a tortoise head. That basket was really fun to make. Six patterns are for doing motif and blanket patterns . I have taken all the patterns from YouTube and all are totally free, obviously. These all patterns are in tutorials so you can easily watch and learn the stitches. Subscribe to my crochet YouTube channels and stay connected with me. I have hundreds of free and easy patterns to make sweaters, shawls, blankets and many more. If you like these patterns, share this page with you friends and family and on social media. If you are a crochet artist and you wanna share your work here, kindly leave you mail address in comment section.

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This is very fun pattern. This is crochet tortoise basket. I really love to make this basket for my jewelry.

These shoes are made for baby boys in a very different and easy pattern. You need to make two soles for each shoes and then attach them together to make it harder. Then attach the top side. You can make these shoes for girls using pink or red colors and then attach a flower or any charm to make for girl.

This is crochet motif table mat for dishes or for decor purpose. In this pattern, you have to make little motifs using your favorite colors and then join then on the last step.

This is again a table placemats in a very cool pattern. This is gorgeous and so classy yo put on a table.

These motifs are made to do a blanket or a bag by joining multiple of these motifs. These are really very gorgeous idea.

Look at this beauty. I love this crochet frock for little girls. This one is absolutely beautiful among all the tops or dresses that i have posted here. This pattern is really easy for all of the people who only know about simple stitches. This pattern is perfect for the beginners. In his pattern you only need to know how to do chains and how to do double crochet stitch. Next is very simple. Below i have attached a video pattern for this dress for you to make a top for you little girl. This is really pretty and my favorite pattern for a frock. Video is done with step by step procedure, You can make the same frock for your girl with following the video that i have given.

This pattern is called crochet bead pattern or crochet puff bead stitch. This is really easy to do. In this pattern, you only need to earn one row, then all is same. This is super cute plus super easy pattern for all the projects. This is most suitable for baby blankets, throws, bad covers, cushion covers, cardigans, shawls, sweaters, bags, scarfs, mate, pot holders and hats. This pattern can be adjusted in any project. You can make changes in this pattern by adding other stitch rows or adding single crochet rows or double crochet rows in between this stitch.

These flower crochet motifs are done to make a blanket, or a bag . These can be used as cup coasters.

Next motifs are really very simple and easy to make. I have attached a free video pattern with picture.

Last pattern is done to make a cute and lovely blanket for a baby girl or a sweater for yourself. This is so gorgeous pattern using these beautiful colors.

some more pattern to try out.

Beautiful blanket pattern in 3 colors.

make a bag using used CD

Motif pattern