Hi girls and guys , welcome to ky crochet page. This page provides you the best and beautiful free patterns for crochet on daily basis. I brought you unique and new patterns which are totally free to watch, learn and share. If you life my free patterns , you can share my page with you crochet friends and family. This matters a lot to me .
So today i am going to share patterns for blankets and big projects like blankets , afghans, sweater, shawls, bed covers and cushion covers. Today you will get easy and quick patterns to make your new projects for you or your family. I have taken all patterns from the YouTube so these are free and easy tutorials. You can watch again and again and learn them easily.
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First pattern is really gorgeous and quick to make. I love this pattern to make a blanket for me using pink color with cream color. This one is my favorite and i love it. This is called Alarak Feet pattern. You can add many colors in this to make a rainbow afghan for you baby.

This pattern is done in full 3d style. You can see 3d leaves all in this pattern. This looks so Puffy and soft to me.i would recommend this pattern to make cardigans for babies.

This is so pretty and cool pattern . This is simply easy and quick to make. For this pattern you need to learn how to do single crochet stitch and chains.

This pattern is specially created to do a women sweater or a top . This is super easy and fast. Beginners can easily pick this pattern and make a top or a sweater with no time.

These flower squares are done to make a table mat using very soft colors. You can use this pattern to make a cushion cover joining these multiple pieces.

This is super special Pattern and very new in crochet. I am seeing a beautiful bag with these motifs or an afghan using pink family colors.

This is beautiful ever crochet piece that i have ever seen. You cannot believe that this jacket is just handmade. All the work is done with hands. This is most gorgeous wear in the crochet. In this jacket, a lot of detailed work is done. This jacket is made with the Irish Lace method , which is known as lacy and detailed work. Irish crochet known as the lacy work and the detailed work with thin yarn. This work looks so great and gorgeous. You cannot believe on this work. This work is super beautiful and neat. This looks like done by a machine, but not with hands. For this type of work , you need to be a master in crochet. This work demands a lot or patience and neat work. This work is done with thin yarn and with small hook. First you have to handle a small hook with thin yarn. Crochet with thin yarn is quite difficult for beginners. You need to pay more attention to the work in this Irish method. You have to handle thin yarn and make little small stitches . So, for you i have attached some videos, where you can see how to start for Irish crochet. If you are done crochet with thin yarn, then this is not very difficult for you. For this jacket, first you need to make cords, flowers, leave and buds separately. Then take a size for your jacket and trace it on a paper or a tough fabric. Then attach all the cords, flowers, leaves and buds to that fabric with pins. You must know that you have to put a foam or a hard cushion under the fabric . This work needs so much attention and patience. This is small and detailed work so it gets more time to finish. When you attached all the pieces on the fabric with pins, then you have to do chains and attach them all according to your design.