Prime minister Imran khan today addresses in the housing scheme. He assured that it will help poor people to have their own house in chaep rates, and in short time people will get their flats.This is the best and instant plan from the Chinese company for housing . He said that first time in the history of Pakistan, govt started the pre-fabricated housing scheme for the public.
Here are the main points that Imran Khan mentioned in his today’s speech. 
Welcome the investors, One is in housing .Housing is the most important Plague of govt to Generate employment , provide low cost To the ordinary Pakistanis Who cannot afford The high prices . So this Effort to bring in affordable housing Is first time being tried in Pakistan .So the reason why I am Particularly pleased with The group is because Of Pre fab housing. Now I tell you why this is very important for Pakistan. 
1: It is Cheaper but more than it is Much quicker . We found that in Gwadar , five star hotel Was Finished in six months , functioning in six months. Why it is important to Pakistan Because In Karachi almost 40% of karachi , people of karachi live In kachi abaadi. And in Islamabad and Lahore , there some key areas , there are shanty towns. The problem with Changing giving housing to These people , living in city centres . The problem is that how do you Give flats for them And will you put so many thousands Of people while you building these flats. So if you do the normal way to building flats and take two three years. But if you have ore fab housing, we can do it in four to five months to shift people And settle them In these block of flats. This is especially important for us In areas Where land is too expensive, so we can Quickly utilize this Plan. We can , without any cost to the govt, We can commercialize the part of the land .So than we can build chaep housing for the people who cannot afford .
2: Agriculture
As you have just mentined, We really need help in agriculture. Beacause the productivity of agriculture Is very low in pajistan. So if the Chinese formula improve the productivity, Immediaotley it will have an impact on growth rate . It will help To raise the level of Productivity in our rural areas. The main poverty is in our rural areas. And once we can raise tge productivity in agricultural, The immediate impact Will reduce the poverty in Pakistan . 
3: Exports
We need to exports Because we have Payment issues. We have been grappling With the current account Deposits . So the moment we Can export from Pakistan . This will help in Increasing Foreign Exchange reserves.
4: Relocation of industry from China 
We know Vietnam has benefited from this . We know many other countries are trying for this opportunity. This is the big opportunity to The board of investments, ministry of commerce. We are all trying to Make it easy for businessmen and easy for investors. The cost of doing business is too high and we are trying to take it down. 
In the end , we will try to make it easy for to relocate your industry in Punjab .

Prime miniter Imran Khan today's speech for housing scheme.