Pakistan govt refused to provide airspace for the air craft for Indian prime minister MODI. 
Earlier, the prime minister of india requested Pakistan govt to provide him the space route for his visit from india to United States. 
Before this announcing this decision, Pakistani public was sure that Pakistani govt will accept the request of the prime miniter of india and will provide the air space for his plane for his tour from india to united states. If this request were accepted, then it will be shameful fir the govt of Pakistan to provide and accept the route for the man who is mascaraing thousand of our Kashmiris in Kashmir with his brutality. 
Pakistan gave the title ‘’indian Hitler’’ to the Modi because of his acts which he is doing in Kashmir to occupy Kashmir area. But he never knows that Kashmir is the part of Pakistan and will always the pasr of Paksitan. Also Kashmiri public agrees to be tha part of Pakistan then India. Now this the clear message from the Pakistan to Modi govt that now Pkaistan will not tolerate any crulity in Kashmir and will react . Befor this , Pakistan also blocked the train ‘’samjhota express’’ and also the trade route from Afghanistan to Indai. 
Now rejecting the request of prime minister Modi, hir flight will be more costly and more long . From Pakistan, their route were direct india to united states, but now it will take more time and also more expanses. 
The direct route that leads from Mumbai to united states go through Mumbai, then Arabian sea, then Muscat and then direct Europe. But now Prime minister’s plane will Fly more distance than that. Now it will flay more than 5475 km and more than 6 hours. If Pakistan provides the route, then they will flay Approx. 2585 km and more than 3 hours and 45 minutes. But now Indian flights will have to take long flights from India to Europe, will take 2890 km and 2 hours ,45 minutes extra. 
It’s a big Refusal from Pakistan govt to Indian govt. Now india should know bout his acts doing in Kashmir. Otherwise Pakistan can cut off all relations whether trade or social or economic. This would be a disaster for both Pakistan and India too. 
Pakistani govt always tried to maintain peace and good relations between both countries. Not for own benefits, but for all asia, all humans .