Hello and welcome to my crochet page. I have brought you some new an easy patterns for making blankets, cardigans, sweaters, vests, shawls and many more thing that you can thing of. I have free patterns for all. I have attached all pattern with each picture so you can get the pattern for free by clicking on the picture. I have also two channels where i share my crochet tutorials on youtube. Please show support and subscribe my both channels. Thank you in advance.

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This is very beautiful pattern in 3 color of yarns. White color is used as basic color and bottom colors are different. If you like you can make this pattern is two color. Two color would look cute too. This is best for making baby blankets, cardigans sweaters, vests, bags, scarfs, mats and throws. Click on the picture to go to the free pattern.

Next pattern is just so simple and best for summer items like summer vest, tops, shawls and other things. You can do your beach bas in this pattern too.

This is super nice and cool pattern for making women vests and shawls. In this pattern you can see two type of stitches that are used here. Puff stitch and shell stitch. Both stitches are easy to do so you can do this pattern very easily.

This is another beautiful pattern made with puff stitch and chains and double crochet stitch. These all stiches are easy and basic stitches so you can make the same in no time.

How is this crochet 3d pattern? this is for blankets, shawls, scarfs, caps, gloves, bed throws, cushion covers, cardigans or many more. It has 3d effects in each line. this pattern is 2rows pattern. One line is completed with 2 rows. It looks so amazing and delicate. You can add two or more colors. If you are adding 2 colors or more, then remember to do only 2 rows for 1 color line. If you want to make cap or beanie, remember to start from the forehead side , and working in circle.

How is this 3d Crochet Beanies??? This is one of the Beautiful beanies that i love the most. This looks like the feathers or peacock around the hat. Its actually the advanced stitch of Crocodile stitch. Puff stitches are added in the center of crocodile stitch to give a filled and 3d look. This is warn as there are no holes is this pattern. This beanie is started for the very top and ends on the forehead side. Forehead border of this beanie is the simple dc in back loops. This is super easy and fast to do. I hope You’ll like this pattern. Tallermanualperu on youtube is the real creator of this beanie. I am attaching the Real creator’s video below for this beanie.