Hello, my loves, how are you? In today’s article we are going to learn how to make another very easy crochet pattern. With few repetitions you will create the piece you want. We can make baby blankets, sofa blankets. Also, footboards for beds, clothes, both for babies and adults. We can also make scarves, collars. Finally, we can also make rugs, table runners. We can use creativity and make many beautiful pieces with this stitch. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel here. Also activate the notification bell so, you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To make this sample we are going to work 43 points. We are going to make 43 chains here and to know the number of starting stitches we will need to make for each piece. Just put odd numbers of starting chains.


So, I’m going to do 43 points here. After doing all the initial chains. We’re going to start working on the third chain. We have the first, second. In the third chain we will place the needle and make a single crochet here. These two chains that are here in the corner of the work already serve as the first point of the line. We go in the second chain and work low crochet. So, we’re going to keep working across the board. Always making a single crochet here in each base stitch. Taking just the string here behind our base point. Look how our point is going. Now let’s make two chains. Flip work. At the next point we have here. We’re going to work half a double crochet taking off all three strings at once. We lasso.

In the same space we went back and worked half a dot. We skip a base point. In the next one we work half double crochet and another half double crochet in the same place. We skip a point. In the next we repeat two stitches together. We skip a base point. Next time we repeat the two points again. This is going to be the repeat of our line. Always skipping a base. That way we work across the entire line. Arriving here at the end of the line, we made the last two stitches here in this base stitch and in the next one we work here half a double stitch alone to finish the line. So, we end the line just like we started it with a dot here. So, the drawing of the second line of work was like this. Now we’re going to make a chain that already serves as the first stitch of the next row. Turning this side over here we have this drawing. Now we’re going to work single crochet into each stitch we have as a base, taking just the loop here behind our stitch. So, we do it across the board.

Dots on dots. When we make the stitch taking the back string here, we leave a relief on this side here of our work. This relief gives an extra effect here in our work, making the piece even more beautiful. So that’s how we keep doing it all the way through. Finishing this third line of our work. We make the last stitch on top of this second chain that we have as a base, thus the design of our stitch. Now let’s make two chains here. Loop the needle and now we’re going to repeat exactly what we did on that second row. So, taking the two stitch rings here. We will work half double crochet and another half double crochet in the same place. We skip one base. Next time we repeat. That way across the line.

The last stitch of the line we make on top of this chain that we have here as a base. We do an updraft and now we’re going to repeat exactly what we did on this third row. So, let’s work here single crochet in each stitch that we have as a base, taking just the string behind the stitch. This point is very delicate. Mainly for baby blankets to look amazing. Very beautiful indeed. So, we’re going to repeat this whole line and then we keep repeating these two lines until we reach the size of our piece.