Hello crochet lovers , welcome to my crochet page. Today i have some simple and unique patterns for doing crochet doilies, blankets , throws, bags and table runners or table cloths. All patterns are take from the youtube and you can visit their channels to get more patterns that you like.

Let’s start with the pattern of a clutch. This clutch is made with a very cute pattern called shell pattern in back post stitch. This pattern is just love . You can use this pattern to make something else like caps, mittens, blankets, shawls, or cardigans or women sweaters. This pattern is very flexible to use in any project either small or big. So in this pattern you will learn how to crochet this hand clutch in a very cite and easy way. If you like you can add other colors or you can make it in single color too . Beads or pearls are added to give in a fancy and more beautiful look. Pattern tutorial is on details so you can learn this clutch from a to z. On this pattern, he also told how to attach a lining and zipper with this clutch. I have attached the pattern link with the picture. Click on the picture and go to the free video pattern.

This pattern is so pretty and can be used in many things like blankets, sweaters, bags, shawls, and caps. This is also done in two colors and with puff stitch. This is easy and simple to do. I jave attached the video pattern woth the picture. Click on the picture to get the pattern.

This pattern is done for making fancy throws, wedding vests, table cloths and bags with fabric lining. This is cute pattern and done in thin yarn to make it beautiful.

This is doily or coaster pattern in round shape or circle shape. Pattern is done in two colors , green with white border. This looks so great in 2 colors. Pattern is free and easy to make.

This pattern is so gorgeous and different from the others. It can be use in any of the projects. You can do this to make a table runner, bags, scarf, shawls, also vests and blankets with back lining.

This flower mat is done with tapestry crochet technique. Three colors are added for this mat to give a floral look. You can add yellow instead of red for a sunflower mat. This is All done with double crochet . Started with the magic ring , the dc all over. Its row to row pattern. You just have to care about color changing with active mind. This mat will add delicate look for your table .

How is this new pattern? This is 2 layered pattern . First we’ll do the simple double crochet to the desired size, then ‘ll make the butterfly look shells stitch on it. You can do it in one color throughout, or you can change colors for both layers. Its for blankets, women vest, kids cardigans, hats, bags, mats, wash cloths , pocket shawls or many more. Its super easy to do. One layer is all with double crochet and chains. Next layer is with shell stitch and chains. Its easy and fast going pattern.


  1. I keep looking for the patterns but so far i have not found one. Please tell me where to go to get the patterns.

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