Hello, my loves, how are you? In today’s free pattern we are going to learn how to make another beautiful crochet stitch. This is very easy and new stitch. I love to do new stitches and new pattern and then love to share these with you people. I hope you will like this too. This is super new and super easy to follow. For this pattern, instructions are really very easy and best for all new learners. It’s a very easy point to make in any color. For you who are a beginner, you will be able to do this stitch easily, because it has a very simple repetition. I hope you like it. If you already like the video, please leave a like. Subscribe here to the channel. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also don’t forget to leave your comment telling me if you are enjoying the videos. To make this stitch we always need to make even numbers of initial chains, that is, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Always in two chains. So to make this sample here with you, I’m going to make 34 chains. Always two by two. After making all the initial chains we are going to start working on the third chain making a single crochet here.


These two chains that are here in the corner of the work already serve as the first point of the line. Now let’s go to the next one and work low again. That way we keep doing it for the whole line. Arriving here at the end of the first row. We have 33 points. We made even numbers of starting chains to end up with odd numbers of stitches in the first row. Now we are going to make a chain. Flip our work. In this first stitch that we have here, I’m going to work a low stitch like this. Now we are going to loop our needle. In the next stitch we will bring a loop with three threads on the hook. We lasso. Let’s take two. Now we’re going to go back in the same space we’ve already worked and we’re going to bring another loop, making it three again. Now we loop and pull them all at once like this. In the next stitch we are going to put the needle and work a very low stitch here. We loop our needle. In the next stitch we bring a loop and take off two. In the same space as this stitch we bring another loop, leaving three loops on the hook. We lassoed and removed them all at once. The next stitch we make a very low stitch. We loop the needle.

crochet new stitch

We bring a loop. We take away two points. Let’s go again in the same space. We bring one more loop and pull off all three at once. The next stitch we make a very low stitch and so we repeat throughout our row interspersing these two stitches. The last stitch of the row we are going to work on top of this second chain that we have here at the base making a single crochet now to finish the row exactly as we started. Now we’re going to make an updraft. Flip our work over and look at how it’s already on the other side. It works pretty well at this point. Now we go here in this first space and work low point. Now we’re going to do a dot on a dot. So we have the next stitch here, picking up the two handles we work with a single crochet.