Hello , good evening my crochet fellows. How are you doing all? Winter is almost on the door and we need more patterns to make cozy projects. For you, today i brought some new and easy patterns to make shawls, blankets, motifs and many more. Try these patterns and give your precious feedback. I love to read comments from you . If you love these patterns, share this page with your friends and family coz its free.

First pattern that i am here to share is a beautiful crochet blanket pattern with many colors. You can add more colors or you can do this in single color too. This is best perfect for making blankets, shawls, cardigans, and bags.

This is super beautiful pattern for blankets, shawls, cardigans, bags , scarfs, pullovers, throws, mate etc. This is really lovely and gorgeous pattern for baby blankets. Multicolor in this patterns would look so amazing. I love this pattern as this is easy to make. If you are beginners, you can do it easily by following all steps. I have attached a video pattern for this stitch for you. You can make this pattern as same as given if you watch and follow the pattern step by step. I hope you would love this pattern and would love to try this for making a blanket or some other projects. Thank you in advance.

This one is super gorgeous pattern to make cushion covers, blankets, bags, scarfs, even cardigans by joining multiple og these motifs. You can continue to make this for a hug square blanket.

Super easy and super quick crochet motif is here. Make these to crochet a beautiful tablecloth or make them to crochet a beautiful blanket.

These are so lovely motifs in square shape with flower in center. I love these to make a shoulder bag.

This is gorgeous and elegant shawl pattern using spider stitch and box stitch. This is very unique and beautiful . You can use this pattern to make other projects too.

This is my favorite pattern for doing flower square motif using different colors . I would love to make these motifs and them join them to crochet a beautiful floral blanket.

Look at this lovely star’s triangle shawl . This is just amazing and very very easy for beginners.

This is 3d twisted pattern for making any of your project like blankets, shawls, cardigans, and mats too.There is again a super looking shawl pattern with single color .

There is again a super looking shawl pattern with single color .

I love to do shawls in simple and easy pattern . This is quick and easy to do shawls, scarfs and vests.

Super lacy pattern for a lacy shawl or scarfs. You can do a single line t9 make border for towels or for blankets.In the last, i have a unique pattern for doing a square motif. In this motif, flower is not done in center but in one sode.

In the last, i have a unique pattern for doing a square motif. In this motif, flower is not done in center but in one side.

Crochet Blanket pattern

New Interesting and beautiful pattern. This blog is about the pattern for a crochet vest in a very pretty style. This vest is made with a pretty and gorgeous pattern. I love this pattern . Its easy to do. If you are a beginner and know about 2 or three stitches, then you can do it too. This is so pretty and easy to do. Beginner in this work can do it easily. This pattern is best for vests, sweater, baby cardigans, baby blanket, women shawls, throws, curtains, and many more projects. This is super cute pattern and would be perfect in every project.

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Crochet Mat pattern

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crochet table cloth

crochet vest pattern

Crochet new pattern

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How to crochet new blanket pattern