Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you? Welcome everyone to another class here on the channel. In today’s video we’re going to learn how to make another model of crochet stitch that is very simple, but it’s very delicate and very beautiful for us to work with any piece here in crochet. Remembering that if you haven’t subscribed here on the channel, you already subscribe. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. New Crochet Flower Stitch Pattern FREE



Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To make this stitch initially we need to make multiples of six in initial chains . So let’s do it every six initial chains until we reach the size of our desired piece here. For that, I’m going to work 42 currents here to make this sample with you. We made all the initial currents here. We are now going to loop our hook and we are going to start working on the fourth chain.

To finish this line, we made a fan here and a double crochet on top of that third base chain. Now we’re going to repeat exactly what we did on the third line. So here we do the four points. We turn our piece. On top of our fan we are going to make three double crochets. Two chains and three double crochets. Two chains. The next fan we make three double crochets. We continue like this until the end of the row. To end this row we make a chain. Let’s come on top of the third chain here in the corner and work a double crochet leaving both sides the same. Now we are going to repeat what we did in the fourth row. Here we have the first, second, third. In the fourth row we start like this. So let’s start in the same way here making three chains and now in this space we make three double crochets. We loop and in this range of chains we are going to make the fan.


Let’s keep repeating a fan for each space we have here until the end. Arriving at the end of the repetition of the fourth row, we will make the three double crochets in this interval and the last stitch we will make on top of this third chain that we have here in the corner of our work. From here it’s just repetition again. We can make four more lines here by repeating these first four lines as we did above. It works very beautifully. This point is also very delicate and different. We can make rugs, throws, cushion covers, table runners. Finally, a huge variety of works with this point. On the other side we have this drawing here. So we can use the piece on the side that we think is best. I hope you have enjoyed our work.

I made a few more lines here so you can see this point better. If we lay it down like this, we will have these braids on this side of our piece. It looks very beautiful. We can make rugs. We can make scarves, collars, blankets. Anyway, we can use creativity and make many beautiful pieces with this stitch. The detail of this elongated stitch is an extra thread here in front. It looks really nice and also very delicate. The back is so discreet. Very cute too. It’s a really cool piece for us to make, for example, a scarf, where we can show both this side and this one here, because both sides are very beautiful. I hope you enjoyed our class. If you liked it, leave a like. Subscribe here to the channel. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Thank you so much for everyone’s attention and affection. A kiss on the heart. Stay with God and until the END.


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