Thank you very much for your attention and affection. A kiss on the heart. Stay with God and until the next video. We can use any type of yarn or wool. We can also use a needle that we already had at home. I’m going to work on making this sample here with you with this thick wool and also a 4-millimeter needle, but as I told you, you can use thinner wool. You can use thinner needles too. Strings, you can also use any type of thinner thread, the material to be used is up to you. I always leave in writing down here in the video description the materials I use during class. Remembering that if you haven’t subscribed here on the channel, you already subscribe. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel.


Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To start this point we need to put any number of starting points here. It doesn’t have a multiple number. Then we can make as many chains as we want until we reach the desired piece size. To make this sample here with you. I’m going to work making 20 chains. This first line of chains here we need to leave them very loose. Without pressing the work here so we can easily work on the next line that we are going to do. I made the 20 chains here, staying like this. So in the traditional way we always start the lines in crochet. We would start by using these handles over here on top of the chains. In this work we are going to turn the chains here to the back side, where we have this braid here. So on this line we’re going to use these stitches that are right here in the middle of our braid. We will always use them to make the points. So here we are going to start working on this second point.

We have the first one here. Let’s go here for the second. Lacing the needle. We put the needle in it. We bring the thread and this thread we are going to pass inside these two other rings; We left it a little elongated so it wouldn’t be tight. Now let’s go to the next one. We loop the needle. We take this thread and this one we pass under these two loops. Let’s go to the next one. So if we lay down like this we can see these loops up here. Now we will always work with them. Lacing the needle. In the next stitch we bring a loop here with three threads on the hook. We took two here passing this last loop through both We looped and now we will repeat. Look how cool the first line of our stitch is getting. In this way we will continue until the end. Arriving here at the end of this line , we are left with the work in this way. Now let’s make a chain. Turn our work over and here we are going to loop our needle and on this line we are going to work with this back string here from the stitch. Then in the second stitch we put the needle and work the same stitch. We lasso. Let’s go to the next stitch and repeat, taking only the little loop behind the base stitch. Arriving at the end of the line, the last stitch we make on top of this chain. So that’s how we finish the second line of our work.