Hello, my loves, how are you? Welcome everyone to another video here on the channel. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up now. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. In today’s class we are going to learn how to make a very different stitch, but very easy to make. It’s a point that a very dear follower here on the channel asked me to take this class. So I’m going to do it here so everyone can learn. This stitch is a multiple of 18 + 12, that is, we are going to make 18 chains, 18 more chains, 18 more chains until reaching the size of our piece. Then we added 12 more chains to get the job started.

So for us to start, I’m going to work here with 48 chains. Always a multiple of 18 + 12. So I’m going to work with 48 chains. After finishing here all chains. We’re going to loop our needle. Now we are going to start working on the fourth chain. Here we have the first, second, third. In the fourth chain we will make a double crochet. We lasso. Let’s go in the next chain and work double crochet. We lasso. Let’s go in the next chain and work double crochet. These three chains that are here in the corner already serve as the first point of the line. We are now going to make two separation chains. Loop the hook and let’s skip two base stitches. In the third we are going to work, a double crochet and here we make another sequence of four double crochets. Thus, being the beginning of our line. Now we are going to make eight chains. We loop the hook and skip eight chains here at the base too. We skip one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. On chain number nine we are going to put the needle and work the double crochet. Now let’s repeat the four points. Now we are going to make two chains. We loop the needle and let’s skip two stitches. In the third we will start the four points again. Our line is looking like this. This is going to be the repeat throughout it.


Now let’s work eight chains. We’ve looped the hook and now we’re going to skip eight base stitches. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 points. We go to point number 9 and work the high point. Let’s do the four points. Two chains. Let’s now skip two base currents. In the third we work the high point. So we finish the line making the four points. So, we are left with the design of our work. Now we are going to work three chains here that will serve as the first double crochet of the next row and we are going to make two more chains of space. So, we’re left with five chains here at the start. We loop the needle. Let’s now skip these two points. In the next one we are going to work a double crochet. Within this space we will make a double crochet and another double crochet. Getting two points in the same place. We lasso. On top of that first double crochet we worked double crochet getting like this. Two chains. We skip two stitches and make a double crochet over that third stitch. From this fourth point by the way. So we’re left with the beginning of the line like this.