Mobile networks and services are reportedly cut in Indian-occupied Kashmir


The cell phone networks and services are being trimmed in Indian-occupied Kashmir as the tensions growth in the disputed region. Meanwhile, public parties have been banned and schools have been kept closed from the Indian authorities.

According to reports, since last week Indian police had imposed a curfew in India-occupied Kashmir, closed down communication networks such as private mobile networks, internet services, and phone landlines cut. The police have deployed tens of thousands of soldiers from around India to execute something that looked a puzzle. The most recent tensions in the contested area between India-Pakistan started almost 10 days after Authorities of India deployed at least 10,000 troops, whereas further 70,000 had also been allegedly deployed in a later stage according to AFP. “How ironic that elected representatives like us who fought for peace are under home arrest. The world watches as folks & their voices are being muzzled in J&K.

The same Kashmir that chose a secular democratic India is confronting oppression of unthinkable magnitude. Major areas of the inhabited valley are put under limitations and it is worried that India is preparing to scrap Kashmir’s special status, which prevents people from beyond the state from buying land in the land. Renowned international media outlets including The Guardian have confirmed that prominent politicians in Indian-administered Kashmir have been placed under house arrest, while telephoning to Kashmir valley have been cut off after a security crackdown and fears of unrest.