Hello to everyone. so I will be showing you how to make this hooded cardigan. perhaps it is a card coat so it has a hood. I have put a few flowers on it just to make it a bit more fun.

This is how it looks on the bottom. you can see it’s a beautiful white lace and I made it using a herringbone double crochets and this is a roll-back sleep and on the other side it looks like this so.  this is perhaps the most difficult part. I don’t think it’s that difficult. it’s just a little bit more difficult for me to explain it. but other than that I will get you through all of it. if somebody wants to see the full video I will leave a link below to the youtube channel   where she will have video of this cardigan and the one that I will be making. now for this cardi coat I will be using two colors.

I have purple and white for the edging. this is DK weight yarn double knit or lightweight about light weight free in the u.s. s this is 100% acrylic. I will be using a four millimeter hook that is matching my yarn. I need some buttons a few stitch markers and a very important thing is measuring Tape because I make everything and I measure to make sure that it fits.

It’s always a good idea to make yourself a little plan. so this is my plan I just wrote everything down. I will be making a 6 to 9 months. this is for a baby kind of a do it did a little bit drawing not a very good one. Then I wrote down every measurement that I need. I’m going to  need head measurement or head circumference for the starting chain just for the finished cardigan. yoke top to waste that mean that I know where to start my skirt sleeve length. that’s obvious and the hood height it’s how much to go on to make sure that it fits so.

These are my measurements. now as it is for a baby I the biggest one of those that I have made is 12 to 18 months. so don’t mind these I can’t really take them off. so these are the age this is the age of the baby and these are the measurements.

Head right down this head circumference chest for the finished cardigan yoke right back neck to waist sleeve length. Hood height. okay so I hope that you can see this very well. if you need you can pause it and write everything down just the age and everything that you need for that age. so I’m going to leave it here for a couple of seconds.

okay and now we can keep going.so to start this hoodie cardi coat call it whatever you like we need the head circumference which is 43 centimeters for my size. whichever size you have the measurement you – about three centimeter and I get 40 centimeters now. This is the length of my starting chain which I will have to combine with one of my yolks. I will be making the starting chain and I will be counting how many chains is in there. then I will see which of these yolks is going to be the one that. I’m making so let’s say I have 40 centimeters and I might fit in I don’t even know maybe 76 chains in it. so I will be making then this one so just to be really quick about it we’ll talk about this really really Quickly. when we get the chains so this is the front I have eleven chains on each front. let’s say for this yoke 14 on both sides or over the shoulder and 22 for the back.

Crochet Hoodie

I took this pattern from a youtube channel name “Simona Crochet’’ . Go to her channel to get the full tutorial. Thank you in advance.