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Today i have 6 pattern for crochet laces. These lace are so beautiful and gorgeous. These are the coolest patterns for making laces. You can use these laces on your garments by attaching these on the bottom of your dress. These laces can be used as blankets borders. These also can be used as headbands. These are really cute and can be done in any color. For making these laces you need to have a small hook and thin yarn. For getting free pattern, click on your favorite pattern picture.

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Look at this cool lace . This is so pretty and beautiful attaching on the bottom of dress or on the borders of your blanket or even shawl. You can also make this as headband or attach them on sleeves border. This is really cute idea for attaching as borders. Click on the picture to get free pattern,

This is more beautiful lace pattern. This can be used as crochet headband . This is super cute and nice to do on the borders on in center too. This is made with small hook and thin yarn.

This white lace is so beautiful and gorgeous. Pattern is really cute with flowers. You can make this design in any of your favorite color.

Yellow and white contrast is the prettiest. White boxes with yellow petals , beautiful pattern for a lace. In this pattern, white part is done in start and then yellow part is done in last. This is easy and simple to make.

Lok at this white beauty. Very cool and nice pattern is used here in this lace. This lace is gorgeous. The pattern for this lace is really easy and in full details. You can make the same lace if you follow the pattern step by step.

This is last pattern for today. This gorgeous lace is done in again white and yellow contrast. Pattern is beautiful and easy. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

I hope you would love all these patterns for crochet laces. If you like, share this page with your friends and crochet lovers. Thank you.

How is this Crochet baby blanket? This is so pretty and beautiful blanket for a baby girl or boy. I love the border done in lacy style. Blanket is simple with double crochet and chains. Border is done with the shell lace style to give the blanket fancy look. Blanket is very simple so that’s why lacy border is added to give pretty fancy look. This is the simple and more easy lacy edge border . You can make this edge for your shawls too. It really suits the edges of both Square and Triangle Shawls and Foulards when they are made with Marbled threads. If you are searching for a pretty pattern for your baby blanket, i recommend this to those moms this simple and easy blanket to make for her babies. These blankets are made by a Turkish Crochet artist, A really talented lady. Her Name is Çiğdem Çevir Hanım. For this blanket, you will need to have Alize Happy Baby Yarn , code : 556 Crochet: and hook 2,5 mm wool crochet. A little bit of this Edge sample is made by making the Blankets or Shawls with this sample on the entire pattern by making a Scent. For making this blanket, this is started from the center by making Magic ring. I hope you will love to make this blanket for your babies. You can make this blanket in any of your favorite color.