Hello Crochet lovers, Welcome back to my favorite crochet free patterns blog. Today i wanna share some more free patterns with you all. All patterns are taken from the youtube so obviously these all are video tutorials. These are totally free and easy to watch and follow. I appreciate all the youtube crochet artists who create so amazing works and gorgeous patterns. So i wanna share some of those patterns. These are totally six patterns on this page. Four of them are for making coasters or motifs to make something big like blankets or like that. One pattern is for doing a shawl or a sweater for summers. Last pattern is done to make a beautiful flower with 3d effect. Lets go to the free patterns. Do not forget to subscribe my YouTube channels.

This pattern is for doing a coaster or you can make it bigger to make a table doily. Beautiful and decent colors are used here. This is the Chinese girl tutorial and you can get the English subtitles these. So you do not need to be worry about language.

This is super nice and gorgeous pattern. This is shawl done in off white color. Pattern is super cute and easy to do. Simple stitches are used here to complete this pattern.

These twisted granny hot pot holders are done in such cute colors. Pattern is just simple. First you have to make a square of you size in fillet stitch, like boxes. Then do the double stitch all over these stitches.

Look at these cute and easy flowers. These are so beautiful and easy to make. You can add beads or buttons in the center and attach these flower on your dress, bags, blankets or some other decorations.

Ok, this square is done in a very different way. Here is used a new stitch, called banana stitch . In this stitch, you have to wrap the yarn over hook for 8 to 10 times, then pull your hook through all loops.

This is one of my favorites patterns. This can be used in big or small size. You can do this in single color or two color or multiple colors like this. Make a coaster, table cloth or a blanket with this pattern. This pattern is in square shape.

This pattern is ideal for baby blankets. This is all filled with no big holes, but you can attach lining on back of this blanket. You can do shawls, bags, scarfs, throws, shoes or many more. I have done this piece in to colors. Both are light colors and suits too pretty. This pattern is the multiple of 5 chains. What ever project you are doing, just remember to add chains the multiple of 5 each time. This can also be used in making baby cardigans or dress. You can do it in two colors or more , on your choice. Go to my channel for pattern.


  1. Your creations are so cute but I can never get to the pattern. It justs sends me back and forth and never gets to the pattern

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