Hello and welcome to my Crochet blog. Hope you all are doing well and enjoying free crochet patterns that i post here. Sometimes i do share my own personal patterns here and sometimes i don’t. These all are not my patterns but i take from YouTube and then i share with you all .

The question is why i share other people work on my site? I love to crochet and love to learn new stitches . All people who know crochet have the same love with crochet . Whenever i see a new or enchanting pattern on any site like YouTube، Pinterest , etsy , fb, or any other social or blog site, i thought all the people who live crochet. I love to share patterns that i love and i enjoy to do. That’s why i share other people work here, mine too. If you are a YouTuber or you do crochet tutorial or write patterns for free, feel free to share your work with me. I will share your work here .

So ,come to the point, i have some very easy and new patterns for free. All patterns are taken from the youtube so these are free tutorials.

This is flower coaster or a flower motif for making blankets or afghans by joining them together. Pattern is very easy and step by step. Click on the picture and go to the free pattern. If you are having trouble in getting free pattern, please let me know in comment.

This pattern is made for doing blankets and vests or dresses. This is easy and fast pattern. In this pattern , double crochet stitch and chain pattern is used so this is super easy to do.

This is made for doing a square afghan or cushion covers. Pattern is done in shell stitch and chain.

This bag is done totally in crochet . It looks like its knitted but its crocheted. Pattern is easy to follow so you can easily make one for you.

Cutest doily in white is done beautifully. This is so classic in look and neat in making. This can be used as single doily or make a throw or a shawl by joining mutiples.

This is sun flower square motif done for doing a blanket or something else you like to do. You can make mini purse with 2 squares easily.

Today’s pattern is this 3d look pattern for blankets, shawls, pocket shawls, throws, mat, bags, cardigans, women vest ,caps or many more. This pattern is one row pattern, if you learnt one row of this, then its easy to repeat again and again. I have done this pattern in two pretty colors to give a more delicate look in this pattern. Each color has two rows . This pattern is started with the multiple of 4 chains. For blanket or some more big project, do chains multiple of 4 repeatedly . For caps, you will start from the bottom, make chains, join the last chain to the starting chain, then work in circles. The good thing in this this pattern is, you can use the both sides. Coz both sides are the right sides in this pattern. It is full 3d pattern and there is not the back side.


  1. I follow the links but I never get to the pattern. I usually give up but I would like to do the sunflower square

  2. I also can’t seem to get the patterns thank you their all so Beautiful, can’t wait to get the patterns

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