Hello my Crochet Fellows. Welcome back to my crochet page. August is almost ending and this is the time to search some new and unique patterns to make projects. This time i am here to share very new and amazing patterns to make women tops, shawls, blankets, dishcloths and coasters. All patterns are easy and free to get. You do not need to buy patterns on other sites. Just stay tuned and visit my site. I have varieties of thousands of patterns for free all related to crochet. All patterns are totally free to learn and share. If you like one pattern, you can freely save or share with other friends. This site provides you very new and fresh crochet patterns. All patterns are in video tutorials so these are easy to follow. I have also shared some written patterns on demand. You can find those too on my site.

This pattern is so cool and easy to do. You can make a cute too or a shawl or a scarf with this pattern. Pattern is so easy to learn and work on it. You can do this pattern in any color. If you are doing a baby girl top, use different color after every 2 rows. This is gorgeous pattern and you would love it.

These small motifs are my favorite. I wanna do bunch of these to make a beautiful table mat. These look so lacy and cute in look.

This is something very beautiful and flexible. You can make these squares to make a bag, blanket, shawls, scarfs, hat, socks, cardigans, dishcloths and many more. Pattern is so beautiful and called crochet granny box stitch. You can add any of your favorite color.

This pattern is done in two classic and mature colors. This pattern is called leaves pattern. You can see the leaves. This is suitable to make shawls, summer tops, vests, scarfs, beach bags, and many things.

Last pattern is everyone’s favorite pattern to make dishcloths. This is simple and easy technique. You just need to make a desired length square using double crochet stitch. Next part is doing embroidery on it.

This is so pretty and cute pattern in 3d leaves. This is so gorgeous and best suitable to make baby projects like blankets, cardigans, hats and tops. I love all the colors used here.

So, today we are here to present a very beautiful and easy daisy flower pattern. This is really pretty just like the real. We have done it in orange and cream color. This pattern is started with the magic circle, then 16 double crochets in the circle. Petals are made with different color. On each stitch, we have done a petal, so there are 16 petals of this daisy flower. You can do it in your favorite color. If you want this flower in small size, then do less double crochet or single crochets in magic circle. This flower can be used on bags, blankets, dress, caps etc. You can do the blanket with these flowers themselves. First, do a flower, then on the back side of flower, do double crochets and make this square. When flower is turned in square, join all squares. Thats all!


  1. Your work is so professionally made mate and thank you for sharing your beautiful work mate and God bless you abundantly

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