How is this lacy shawls? Its half Circle Shawl, and to the bottom of this, its full lacy look. It gives so elegant look with this lacy effect. It is started from a half circle, then working on this half circle with double crochet, increasing stitches line to line. You can wear this shawl as prayer shawl, or in wedding or some on any event. It looks so pretty on a simple dress. It gives fancy look to your simple outfit. You can also do it in rainbow colors orrr some color contrasts

This is easy and pretty vest for women so far. I liked the texture of simple stitch . It looks so beautiful with these simple stitches. This vest is all mixture or double crochet and chains. It is open front vest for women or girls. You can do your own size with this pattern. This is so easy to increase or decrease the size. I have did the border around the vest. Border is adding more beauty to this vest. You can do it from kids to adult size, easily.

This is so pretty and easy pattern with 3d leaves on it. It is done with double crochet stitch and simple leaves. This is 2 rows pattern. One row is just simple double crochet and the next is with leaves. so, you just need to learn only 2 rows and you are done with the pattern. This is best for baby blankets, shawls, pocket shawls, bags, cardigans, women vest etc. This is so easy to do and pretty in look. I hope you will like this pattern.

I always love to work on crochet dress or sweaters. Crochet dress or top gives more pretty look than a normal. These kind of Sweaters are really perfect for spring days . You can wear it in your University or any of the event. They look so beautiful with fancy lacy look. This Vest or sweater is done with full lacy pattern, shells . White color is giving more clear look with this pattern. If you like, you can use this pattern for blankets, shawls,scarfs, baby dress, bags or many more. Here am giving you the full Chart for this pattern. If you want the same exact size, follow the chart.

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cute heart coasters for cups.

easy and fast way tp make flower square.

this is easy and beautiful.

Beautiful granny motif to make coasters, mats, blankets, top and bags.

this is 3d flower granny motif to make blankets and coasters.

Make this pattern to do some pretty blankets and throws.