Hello and welcome to my crochet page . Today i have very beautiful and easy patterns for different projects. I have patterns for making bags, motifs, blankets patterns and coasters patterns. You can use these motifs to make blankets , bags, tops, throws and mats or even coasters. These are easy and done in very detailed tutorials. All are in video tutorials so you can easily learn and make the same .

This is really beautiful cup coaster done in a very cute pattern. These hearts border is made with the rows, not separately. Pattern is super easy . Click on the picture to get the free pattern.

This pattern is for making a little purse or a bag for you little girls. In this pattern, very unique technique is used to make it in a beautiful style.

Look at these beautiful and gorgeous square motifs. These are done to make a cool blanket. I love the colors used here.

Next pattern is also too beautiful and made for blankets or afghans. You can make a beautiful bags using these motifs.Next pattern is also too beautiful and made for blankets or afghans. You can make a beautiful bags using these motifs.

Beautiful pattern is here to make a beautiful coaster. This pattern is suitable to make dishcloths .

This is hot pot holder in a cute and thick pattern. This pattern is easy to learn and fast to make .

Love these delicate motifs. These are so pretty and Suitable to make big blankets, cushion covers and bed throws.

This is 3d flower motif in square shape. This is done in a very beautiful and easy way.

Again there is a motif square to make blankets, throws, bags, cushion covers, bed cover, and tops for girls.

Today i have very pretty plus very easy pattern for you all. This is for blankets, cardigans, women vest, shawls, pocket shawls, bags, or for every project. This is really easy , mixture of double crochet, chains, and puff stitches. This looks like bunny with long ears. I have done in 2 colors. ! row with white color, new row with peach color. You can add more colors than two, buy for pretty results, keep one color as basic. Like white color as basic, every time do puffs with white, and change other colors . watch this pattern on my channels.


  1. you showed a sunflower sq. I have just spent a 1/2 hour on your site and could not find the pattern. pics of 1st 3 rows it states FREE patterns you show pics of one things and how to do something else good luck to others

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