Easy Fast Crochet Vest Shawl Patter FREE

Easy Fast Crochet Vest Shawl Patter FREE

let’s make a triple railing here Oh look next to it Yes 1 2 3 2 chains in between 1 32 32 let’s wrap it twice again come here let’s make 111 triple railing Yes now my friends, after doing it like this, we pull one or two chains, we take a normal one and this one we will make two double handrails on it see 11 12 We made a double handrail on top of the double handrail we made before, now pay attention right now Yes, now I’m pulling a 1/2 chain, I’m going to ask these two look here, this will be the circle I’m going in the middle of this and we will do 11b again 1 2 I go out 3 times, five chains one two three four five. Right now, we are actually in the first place. Friends are a bit confused, but I asked these two again. I’m going to the same place . It will go like this. Now we come to ½ chain again, give it here, we made two handrails on the railing again.

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Let’s take a look and subscribe again two chains these two k crush now we’re right in the middle we made a triple railing together five chains one two three four five I wrapped two again I’m going to the same place I’m going to the same Place Three times one or two chains this is two times I’ve been here This is a triple Trabzon Five chains one two three four five again did I come to the same place where I wrapped two like this 1/2 chain 123 we entered here and we are doing the same things we did in the first place guys look look two handrails one be Two handrails one and This one We pulled two chains again We wrapped it twice This we made a handrail together two chains again and again Just like we started, we finished it this way now again at this time we will have frequent needles, let’s pull a chain like this, let’s go back here.

Let’s make a single pin on the second one right where you see it, Jack pulled two chains here , subscribe one this two, let’s do this here, why two, one here and drink these 11 12 on top of n 11 12 in between 11 12 now look here again the same way we made another one in this middle six 1 2 3 4 5 16 subscribe one here Yes now again and one to the next Trabzon hill Yes, just like we did below. let’s come to the end here again in the same way, friends Yes, we came again, look here, one on that hill, one in between, I’ll do one again in the last part 4 let’s go out with a chain 1 2 3 4 this one we wrapped it up twice we looked right next to it and made a triple railing right here 3 chains 123 13.

let’s wrap it twice Let’s book here now my friends I’m following the line here. Let’s see I got into the house from Jesus over there 11 12 I waited again two times this time I’m coming here by following the leg of the like over there I came here this 2-this 2 three of them never at this time we did it again We came back yesterday Yes I’m closing together Look two after Trabzon Three chains then we will do it this way again the upper chain one two three three one I wrapped one two third I came two drum kurushi railing we will make one stitch.