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Crochet is an interesting art to make garments and wearable just with yarn and a hook. Crochet hook is an tool which is main thing in crochet. Hook and yarn are two basic things in rochet and you can find both in many sizes. Normally for blankets or tops, we use 3 to 5mm hook size and 3ply to 4ply yarn for blankets and tops or dresses. But it totally depends on your stitch and style. Thin yarn is mostly used to make doilies and laces or cloth borders.

So, today i have really pretty stitches to make blankets, tops, cardigans, throws, bags, scarfs, hats, mats, hot pot holders and dish wash cloths. These are really very beautiful patterns and easy to make. I have video pattern for all these. Videos are made with full details. Before heading towards free patterns, please subscribe my youtube channels so you get beautiful patterns.

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First crochet pattern is done in blocks and boxes. You can call thi stitch as crochet black or box stitch. You can see three beautiful colors in this pattern. Three colors are minimum to use this pattern or you can add more than three colors. Its all up to you. This stitch is really very suitable to make baby blankets, cardigans, tops, scarfs, bags and mats. This is easy pattern and you need to carry 2 yarn strands at a time. Click on the picture to get free patter.

Look at this gorgeous 3d pattern. This is really very impressive stitch . You can make man projects with this pattern like blankets, rompers, cardigans, tops, bags, caps, mittens, and also knee warmers. This is my favorite pattern to do. You can do this pattern in single color or multiple colors like picture. If you want to make the same, click on the picture and o to free pattern.

Next pattern is just so simple and easy . This is suitable for beginners to make bigger or slammer projects. In this pattern, single crochet stitch and double crochet stitch is used. Both stitches are simple and basic stitches so anyone can make this stitch easily.

This is very interesting pattern for baby blankets and cardigans. This is simple but you have to remember stitch count. You can use many colors in this stitch.

Today’s Crochet stitch is of 3d leaves with a puff. Its looks like a bird having two wings and a head . You can call it Bird stitch. Its easy and fast going. All stitches are DC, puffs, and leaves. For leaves , i did chains of 5 and then do sc on that chains. o its quite simple .

Its best suitable for baby blankets, as its thick and have no holes, ideal for women tops, tunics, vest, sweaters or jackets, also shawls, bag, scarfs , even head wraps. it n be mold in any project.

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