Hello and welcome to my crochet page. So today i thought to share some mix and random crochet patterns for free. These patterns are for blankets, shawls, bags, scarfs, doilies and sweaters. These are different type of designs with cool patterns. Patterns are simple and easy to make. No complicated stitches are used. Simple stitches are used to make them. Pattern are 100% free and you can save them with no coast.

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Today’s first pattern is my favorite and really pretty. This pattern is very suitable for baby blankets, cardigans, bags, scarfs, shawls, throws, table runners and many things. This pattern looks more gorgeous in these beautiful colors. You can add you colors in flowers or in base instead of white. Click on the picture to go to the free pattern.

Next pattern is also cool with pink flowers and white base. This pattern si more perfect to make a summer vest for girls or women. This can be done in any color.

This yellow pattern is going to be a beautiful vest. This pattern is suitable to make women vests , scarfs, and shawls. You can add many color in on project.

I love this granny motif to make table runner, bags, throws, vest and many things. You can do this square to make cushion covers too. Make single giant square or make four then attach them all to do a cushion cover.

This 3d Flower is gorgeous . I love the pattern. This flower is done in many layers. A little pearl is added in center to add more beauty in this flower. Yo can do this flower to attach on headband, dress, bags, scarf, sweater or shoes or caps.

Last pattern is for makin a doily or table coaster. This is easy coaster pattern so anyone can do it easily.

How is this beautiful pattern. I love the colors used here. Go to my channel to get the free pattern. This is very pretty and delicate pattern . It is 2 rows pattern. After learning first two rows of this pattern, you are up for the whole project. This is quite easy to do. It is the mixture of chains, double crochet, treble crochet, fpdc, bpdc, etc. I have used here 3 colors to give it more pretty look. you can chose 1 or 2 or more colors on your choice. Its best for blankets, shawls, vest, cardigans, baby dress, tops, bags, scarfs, bed throws etc.