Hi everyone, welcome to my crochet page. I hope you all are doing well. Today I want to share with you how to crochet this beautiful crochet blanket pattern or shawl pattern.

This is the first stitch of the week time and this week’s stitch is the raised v-stitch. This stitch pattern is a simple two-row repeat. the stitch multiple is a multiple of three plus four. so let me show you my first sample. this is the stitch pattern here with spring and summer. i wanted to find a stitch pattern that would be light and airy but yet cushiony soft. something that would be fun to wrap yourself up in.

This is a simple v-stitch row here. where you’re working those v-stitches across and when you come back across you’re working a front post double crochet into the double crochets of the v stitch and a double crochet into the center. so this is one of those tv watching patterns. if you enjoy crocheting while you’re watching tv or maybe you’re going on vacation and you want to crochet in the car. Because it’s such a simple pattern. it’s easy to remember how to do.

so, my first sample was made using the red heart super saver stripes. now I didn’t get to all the colors but look at these gorgeous colors. it works up in straight pattern. it has beautiful pink orange yellow blue green and you can se those colors worked up here. this is color retro stripes color number four nine seven one. now with this stitch pattern i found that it’s better to use a larger size hook. now this skein of yarn is recommending a size i9 or 5.5 millimeter hook.

i used a size 10 and a half k or 6.5 millimeter for this. stitch sample and i used a size k for all my stitch samples. so this is where you have to play around with the yarn and see which size hook you like best now. for the stitch pattern you can use the recommended hook size or you can go up probably at least two hook sizes depending on how you want your stitch pattern to look. so that is my first sample.

now the second sample is my classic white. the sample was made using the premiere basics . it’s a number four worsted weight yarn and all my samples. today was made with a number four worsted and a size 10 and a half k or six millimeter crochet hook. i love the classic white because it just has a beautiful look to it and with weddings coming up.

If you want to make a pure white afghan as a wedding gift this is a very pretty pattern. now this is the front i forgot to show you the back. This is the right side of your work. and when you turn it over this is what the back side will look like. so you can definitely tell the difference between the back and the front. so again that’ the wrong side and this is the right side.  isn’t that such a pretty pattern.

My third sample i used a multi-color yarn. this is the new yarn bright premiere the premiere basic mosaic. i just wanted to try to see what that yarn would look like in a lacy pattern.  and i really love this color because you can see the colorations of that bluish green. those lavenders are dispersed evenly throughout the yarn when you do you stitch pattern . so this sample here was made with the premiere basics mosaic. this was color c color 2080-0.  i believe i purchased this at Walmart. so very easy to find at your local walmart store. the premier basics are a little bit harder to find in the big box stores. this is usually something that you have to purchase online. So those are my three samples of stitch of the week the raised v-stitch. so for today’s crochet tutorial i’m going to be using the premiere basics in the mosaic.

But i chose this gorgeous earth tone colors with these browns and grays and golden color. this is grapevine this is color 2080-04 so you can use whichever yarn you wish. just look on the yarn label look for the recommended hook size and again you can use the recommended hook size or you can. use one that’s a little bit larger number. my suggestion is the pattern works up a little bit nicer when you bump that hook size up. so i will be using the premiere basic mosaic in the color grapevine and i’m also using a size 10 and a half k or 6.5 millimeter crochet hook. so grab your yarn grab your hook. Go to my channel Creative Grandma and get the full tutorial.