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Today i have 4 new and top pattern for making baby blankets and afghans in a very new and simple way. These all patterns are simple and easy to do. Two patterns are in tunisian crochet and two are others. All are simple and easy to make.

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So here is the first pattern for baby blankets and afghans , specially. This pattern is 3d and very cool for making baby blankets and afghans. But this pattern is not only for baby blankets and afghans, this pattern is also suitable for making baby cardigans, scarfs, shawls, throws, bags, hats and mats also. This is beautiful pattern and looks more beautiful in 2 or 3 popular contrast. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

Next pattern is done in Tunisian method. This pattern is super cool and looks so gorgeous in this way. This is very unique pattern with using Tunisian method. You can use this pattern for making baby blankets, shawls, throws, bags, cardigans, coast, scarfs etc.

This is very beautiful and easy pattern. I love all the colors used here. This pattern looks so great in off whits, green and orange. or making a pattern more gorgeous, color are more important.

Last but not the least, again this is done in Tunisian method. This pattern is really very new and unique. Method is unique and simple to do. If you know about how to start for Tunisian crochet, then you can do this pattern easily. White and light blue color is used in this beautiful pattern. You can add any of your favorite color to make this pattern. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

I hope you would love all these patterns. If you have any question or problem about any of these patterns, you can ask me in comment section. Thank you in advance for visiting.

If you are searching for a cute baby afghan pattern, here you re. This is really very beautiful crochet blanket or afghan for a cute baby. This could be a very beautiful shawls, bed throw, scarfs, or any other item. This is also simple and easy to do.I have here two methods to make this complete. You can add as many colours as you want. I Attached video and written pattern below for you all to understand easily. I hop you all will love this pattern.

Materials; If you are using two colors then you need to have A color of 16oz , B 10oz. Yarn usage depends on your yarn techniques.


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