Hello my loves, how are you? In today’s article we are going to learn how to make the famous crochet flower stitch which is a very beautiful stitch. It is very beautiful to make any piece here in crochet with it and it is also a very easy stitch to make. Looking at it seems difficult, but when you make it you will see that it is very easy to make this stitch. We can work rugs, So splat, table runners, clothes. Anyway, we can use creativity and make many beautiful pieces with this stitch. If you are not already subscribed here on the channel, subscribe. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos.

This point is a multiple of 3 + 1, that is, we are going to make every three initial chains until we reach the size of our piece. At the end we add one more chain. So to make this sample with you. I will work 16 chains. After doing all the initial chains. We’re going to start working on the second chain. We’re going to put the needle in and make a single crochet here. We go on the next chain and work low again. So, we’re going to keep doing it all the way. Low stitch on top of each base stitch. At the end of the first line, we are left with fifteen stitches. Let’s make a chain. This chain already serves as the first stitch of the next row. Then we turned to work. We go to the second point and work low point. In the next one too. We’re going to work a low stitch on top of each stitch that we have base this way to the end of the line. I finished the second row of single crochets.

We stay here with fifteen points too. So we need to keep the same amount of stitches as the first row. Now here at the end I already cut this thread. I’m going to undo this last hoop we made from the last crochet. I’ll get another color of yarn. It could be your favorite color. Here I will finish the low crochet with this color. We are now going to work on three chains. We loop the needle and turn the work. I’m going to take advantage of this green thread to hide it here between the stitches. So, we hold him here. Now we are going to work as follows. We’re going to the second point that we have here and we’re going to work high point. These three chains take the turn of the first double crochet of that row. Now let’s make a chain. We loop the needle. Let’s go back in the same space and work here high point again. This is the beginning of our line. Now we loop the needle. Let’s skip two base points. In the third we will work high point. This thread we can already cut it. Now we make a chain.

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We lasso. We came back in the same space and worked high point that way. We jumped two from base. Next time, we do a double crochet. A chain. In the same space we work high point. This will be the sequel to that line. We arrived here. Let’s go to the penultimate point. We work the V. We loop the needle. Let’s go here on top of this chain that serves as the first point of the line below. So we work here the last double crochet, thus making our line. After finishing this line I already cut this thread. I’m going to undo this last hoop we made from this high crochet. I’m going to get another color of yarn here. We are going to do the finishing of the high crochet here. Then we adjust well. We now make three chains. We loop the needle. We turned work. We are going to take this pink thread to the back to finish.