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This is really beautiful pattern for a women vest or sweater. This pattern is done by doing motifs then joining them together. This is really lovely for a vest. It looks so floral and fancy to wear. The beads added in this vest looks more beautiful. You can wear this vest on any event. This is not so tough and easy to do. This pattern is not just for vest or sweater. you can use this pattern making shawls, triangle or rectangle. You can do baby blankets with this pattern. For baby blankets, you need to attach a back lining for the baby security as this pattern had big holes and baby toes can stuck in these. So this s the beautiful and suitable pattern for any project. You can do beach bags, scarfs, mats, or throws with this pattern. You can add any color in this pattern. If you are doing a baby blanket and you need really colorful look, so you have to do every motif in different color. That will add a really bright and colorful look to your baby blanket. Below i am attaching a video pattern for you to make this pattern easily. In this vest, the top pattern is done with a simple pattern then on the bottom, this motif pattern is attached. For the top of this vest, crochet fillet stitch is done to give a simple net look. I hope you will love to try this pattern. Thank you in advance.

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So, today am here to present a very unique and pretty top for women. I will show you how to make this top step by step.I will attach a video for how to make the basic and how to attach then. Below i will attach the picture pattern for those who can understand video pattern. I love this pattern as its really simple easy and looks cool . It is made with very simple technique. First you need to make a magic circle, then double crochets in the again circle, close the circle. Then work on 2nd round. I will show you picture by picture .

This looks so unique pattern.You can also use this pattern for making shawls, baby cardigans, scarfs, throws, table mats or bags too. you can add any of your favourite colour . I love light colors and love to do projects in light and bright colors.

Below is the video how to make those motifs and then how to attach them. First you learn by video,then attach all motifs according to your size.