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Today, I am here with a very pretty pattern for women vest or sweater. This is very beautiful pattern for women to make sweaters or vests for themselves or for their daughter or mother. This pattern is really very pretty and easy to do. For women, classy and beautiful garments are always on top choice. Nowadays, people like ore things handmade. Its become a trend to wear a handmade garment. Crochet is on the top technique to create garments with yarns. In crochet , you just need to have a hook and yarn to make a garments . Crochet is one of the ancient method for creating cloths and different things with yarn and hooks. People who know how to crochet, they can easily create themselves a garment. With crochet , you can make every thing you wear. You can make tops, tunics, blankets, shawls, sweaters, hats, shoes, baby frocks etc.

So, today I have a very special pattern for you to make a vest for you or your female loved one. This pattern can be used to make blankets, tops, shawls, hats, baby cardigans or throws. You can also make curtains with his pattern too. If you are doing a blanket with this pattern, then you need to attach a lining fabric on the back of this blanket. The reason is , this pattern has holes and baby toes can be stuck in these holes. So , for safety , Back lining is important. For throws, you just need to use as it is. Shawl with his pattern, would look so adorable . You can add any color or you can add multiple colors to this pattern. This is super cute and easy pattern for any of your project. I hope you would love to try this pattern. Thank you all in advance. If you have any question regarding this pattern , let me know in comment section.

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So , making this rug , you need a hook with big size, exact 4mm size. Yarn would be in 4 size. This is really big round size ,so you need a bulk yarn for this . total weight for this yarn should be 600 to 650 gram. But it depends on you. If you make a small size than this, then you should have less yarn.

This rug is too large and round in size. This is best for a living room or a bedroom. This is 87 cm around in size. You can measure your room size, than make it in your size. If your room has less space, then skip the outer rows and make a small size. For making this rug , you need more time for this. This will take your one week to complete. I hope you will love this rug pattern and it would be easy for you to understand it easily. If you have any questions , you can ask me in comment section.


  1. I’ve been looking for the pattern on this vest , but I can’t find it anywhere. Could you please help me.

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