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Today’s blog is about the pattern of this beautiful vest for women. This is so lovely and easy to do . Any one who know about crochet can do this pattern easily. In this blog i will teach you how to make this vest and how to do the part or neck and under arm. Mostly people can do crochet vests but for them, the neck side and the arm side is very difficult to manage or do perfect. No doubt, it is not very simple to increase and decrease the stitches to make a perfect shape for the part or neck and under arms. But in my blog, i will attach a video for this vest. In this video you will learn how to make this stitch and how to do neck and under arm part in a very simple and easy way. I hope you will understand it easily and would love to try one. This pattern is really pretty and easy to do. You can do large and small vest in this pattern. This pattern is not only for vest or sweaters, you can do shawls, throws, cardigans, dress, skirts, bags, scarfs with this pattern easily. This pattern is suitable for any project and can be fit in any shape. This pattern looks like having starts all around. This pattern is called Puff star pattern. For this pattern, you need to learn about how to do double crochet stitch and how to do puff stitch. This is easy and simple to do. I hope you will understand this pattern easily.

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