Hello and welcome to my crochet page. Today i have 4 beautiful and delicate patterns for women tops or sweaters. These al patterns easy and simple to make. you can easily make these patterns with no difficulty. You can make these tops in any of your favorite color and in your desired size. I am attaching free patterns for all these tops. I hope you would love all these tops and share this. For free pattern, click on the picture and you will get free pattern.

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This circular bolero is so pretty and gorgeous. The pattern is used is simple and beautiful . I love the style and pattern. You can make this jacket in single color or in more colors. If you like you can make the center in one color and then use other color arounds. Really simple and easy pattern is used here. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

Look at this short bolero with long sleeves. I love it and would love to make one. Pattern is so simple and beginner can easily make this. Crochet fillet pattern is used here that is so simple and basic stitch. Border is done in lacy style. Click on the picture and get free pattern for this beautiful bolero.

This is granny squares top for women. This is sleeveless and you can add sleeves in if you like. In this patterns, square motifs are done separately and then join them. This is super easy and simple pattern for all. You can use this pattern to make shawls, throws, blankets, curtains, scarfs and bags.

This yellow jacket is super cute and easy. I love the pattern used here. This is suitable for beginners to make as it is super easy. If you know how to do double crochet stitch and how to make shells pattern, then you can easily make this patterns. Click on the picture to get free pattern. Pattern is given in details. You can easily understand this pattern.

I hope you would love all these patterns. These all patterns are free and easy. If you have any question, you can ask me in comment section.

This is super beautiful crochet baby cardigan with a very nice and cool pattern. This is easy pattern so you can make this cardigan for your baby very easily and quickly.

This graph is the main pattern the will be use in this cardigan.

Start with making chains. Do chains until the half size of baby tummy, as i did 50cm, so make chains till 25cm.

skip 3ch, do dc in all the chains to last. in the last chain, do 5 dc. next do all dc in all stitch.

She has done this pattern in very amazing and easy way to understand it. She has pictures with step by step instructions. Go to her page and follow the pattern. Video pattern is given above for those who only understand by video.