Hi everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I am here to share 2 beautiful patterns for making shawls, vests, throws, scarfs and even curtains. These are cool patterns and nice to use in your projects. One pattern is just like lacy style and really fancy. You can use this pattern for making wedding shawls. I will attach free patterns for both.

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This is beautiful lacy pattern specially for vests and shawls. This is suitable for many projects like scarfs, wedding shawls, sweaters, bags, curtains and throws. This is super cute and easy to do. In this pattern different stitches are used to make this cool. Puff stitch is used to make the outlines and boundaries. Double crochet stitch is used only around this pattern. This look so beautiful for wedding projects. You can do this pattern in any of your favorite color. You also can do skirts or frock with this pattern. Click on the picture to get free pattern for this beautiful piece of art.

Next pattern is something really change and fast in making. This pattern is specially made for summer projects. This is not suitable for making spreads or baby blankets as it is too airy to keep warm. This is made by using scale and them doing stitches. This is unique and new pattern. This goes really fast and do not eat much yarn. This pattern is best for shawls, scarfs, vests, tops, bags, and some other summer projects. You can make top with this pattern easily. You can change color of these wrapped yarn or you can keep it same. This is super easy and best for beginners. Click on the photo to get the free pattern for this beauty.

I hope you would love both pattern for vests and shawls. Stay tuned with me to get more free and gorgeous patterns. If you have any new idea or request, you can ask me in comment section. Thank you in advance.

This couch is not real. This is the cover for a tissue box. This is made in very little size of tissue box to give a modest look to your tissue box. Crochet is an art to decorate a simple into really fashionable just with yarn and hook. This art is really vast and anyone can learn it easily. No machinery or any big thing is required to learn this. You just need to have yarn , and a hook. By these two things, you are able to crochet garments, caps, shawls, decorations, or even you can crochet your self. YES, you can crochet life size doll of your self. There are lot of artists who are doing such things. Its the art to make any thing from yarn and hook. You just need to learn the stitches. Knitting as somehow similar , but knitting is difficult for those, who starts crochet first. In crochet, you just need to handle one hook and yarn. But in knitting , you handle two needles plus yarn.For me , crochet is more easy to do. Crochet has more vast field in creations than knitting. I can crochet whatever i see in world.