Hello welcome to my page for free patterns. I wish you a good day to all. I am glad to welcome everyone to the crochet website. I usually remind you that I have more parallel place where you and. I knit a link to that pattern. You will find in the description under this page.

Today we will contact you like this handsome pattern. that is useful to you for any canvas with such a pattern. you can tie a shawl give the trash. you can tie a blouse with this pattern. you can tie you can invent a dress invent invent here and summer options here and semi-autumn options. It can be everything will depend on what you are in support this pattern and yarn, but at the moment. I knitted this pattern 1 thin yarn very thin now I will show you and the finesse of this pattern in a thin yarn of course. I pick up the lines again there is a camera, I took just such a Turkish yarn and Liza forever.

this is with us 100% microfiber or normal acrylic 50 grams 300 meters but for good quality product. here you can pick up other yarns this pattern will look on thin paws on thin silk yarn. on tasteless beaches, of course, you can pick up denser thick yarns here. then we will just think what product to knit. today we will try to knit a small sample of this pattern on the beach which is thicker just to make it easier for you the loops of the main sample were visible; I crocheted the company tule number and one and now we will knit crochet of the same company number 1 and 6 but already from yarn and also Turkish-made.

Ali go to a field effect and 100 grams three hundred and fifty meters our report consists of 12 stitches and 2 rows or 4 rows if take completely together with chess orders, today we will dial 2 repetitions of the pattern and plus 13 loops for the symmetry of pattern 6 loops and we will have on the right side and 7 on the left side we collect twenty four main loops plus 13 is we will have 30 loops in a chain one two three 4 5 so up to 37 cast on a chain of 37 loops 38 loop for a turn and the first row. we knit completely ordinary single crochets in order to make it easier for us later to break the pattern who does not want to knit this first row can immediately do it on chains knit to the end of the row, single crochets tied a preparatory one like this stripe and from here we start our pattern; we knit the first loop we have air and we unfold in the same loop, we knit the first single crochet 2 air loops count 5 loops in the sixth loops, we will begin the rapport of the pattern all before 6 loops this is for symmetry. we knit a column with two crochets another double crochet [music] and in the same loop and another third column with two crochets now we knit 3 air loops one two three and again we return to this the same loop and knit a single crochet we knit 3 air loops and that’s all and lay the loop, we knit again three columns with two crochets two and three now we knit 2 air loops in the row.

we skip 5 loops 1 2 3 4 5 and in the sixth we knit a single crochet again we knit 2 air loops. I skip one two three 4 5 and on this will end our first report 6 loops we begin to repeat next work and again knit a double crochet one more time two three 4 5 he 6 loops. we make the next Arab near our pattern second column [music]and the third double crochet  now 3 air loops are knitted went into the same loop tied a single crochet again 3 air loops and it will look gentle. I think that this pattern is a must for you if you like it, keep it in your savings glasses and. I will be with you today say goodbye until we meet again until new ideas and goodbye. I said goodbye early today I completely forgot to show you the schematic for those who do not like to look at this I redid the shooting a little, and for myself, light loops for you.