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So, today’s pattern is so cute plus funny. Its mask with big lips and with a cigarettes . COVID is back and in winter, we just need a warm mask. For this, this handmade crocheted mask is best choice. I am attaching both patterns, video and written. Follow the tutorial and make this pretty mask. Hope you’ll like it.

Written pattern below

So, here is written pattern for Lips , Cigarette and mask.

For lips , hooks size 1mm.yarn 2ply. For mask ,hooks size 1.5/2 mm, yarn 3ply

Lower lip;

Total rows 22

R1; 6sc in Magic chain (6)

R2; sc in each st (6)

R3; sc, inc, sc, inc, sc, inc (9)

R4; sc in each st (9)

R5; sc in each st (9)

R6; 2sc, inc, (12)

R7,8,9,10; sc in each (12)

R11; 3sc , inc (15)

R12; sc in each st (15)

R13; 3sc , dec (12)

R14,15,16,17; sc in each st (12)

R18 2sc , dc (9)

R19,20; sc in each st (9)

R21; sc, dec (6)

Rr22; sc in each st

Upper lip

Total 22 rows

R1; 6 sc in MC (6)

R2; sc in each st (6)

R3; sc, inc (9)

R4; sc in each st (9)

R5; 2sc , inc (12)

R6; sc in each st (12)

R7; 3sc, inc (15)

R8,9; sc in each st (15)

R10; 3sc, dec (12)

R11; 2sc, dec (9)

R12; sc in each st (9)

R13; 2sc, inc (12)

R14; 3sc, inc (15)

R15, 16 ; sc in each st (15)

R17; 3sc, dec (12)

R18; sc in each st (12)

R19; 2sc, dec (9)

R20; sc in each st (9)

R21; sc, dec (6)

Rr22; sc in each st (6)


Rows Depends on size, i did 10 rows.

R1; 45 chains

R2 to 10 or your own size; 10sc, 1 HDC, 23 dc, 1 hdc, 10 sc


R1; 6 sc in MC (6)red color

R2,3,4; sc in each st (6) red color

R5,6; sc in each st (6)black

R7to 16; sc in each st (6) white

R17 to 20; sc in each st (6) yellow

thank you for watching

This is my own pattern to do a mask in a very cool pattern. I love to do things with new styles in crochet or knitting. I love to do more new experiments using difficult or simple patterns. I look forward to get new and unique patterns , either free or paid. I mostly prefer free patterns and video tutorial over written or paid patterns. I feel comfortable to follow and learn by a video tutorial. For me, videos are the most simple and effective way to learn a new thing. Many people including me, cannot read the patterns. Because of little knowledge of crochet abbreviations . I love to follow and watch video, also love to make tutorials in a new and simple way for the beginners and other who are searching easy video lessons. I have two YouTube channels where I do simple and quick crochet patterns to make baby blankets, hats, cardigans, vests, shawls , bags, hand purse , shoes , mask, and coasters. I would love to invite you to my channels. I hope you would love my channels and also show your love to subscribe my channels. Thank you in advance.