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Today i have a very beautiful and unique blanket pattern for kids and for throws. This is really thick pattern and warn for cold days. This pattern has no holes and is full filled . This pattern is called Tunisian crochet stitch. This is really unique pattern technique in crochet. This is little similar with knitting technique. This stitch also looks like knitted stitch. This is really nice pattern and very easy to do. Blanket with this pattern would be so warm and cozy for babies. This pattern is not only for blankets, you can use this pattern to make sweaters, cardigans, scarfs, shawls, bags, borders and many more projects. You can create beautiful projects with this beautiful stitch. You can add more colors or you can continue single color in full project. Tunisian stitch is difficult to do with a regular hook. You have to need a long hook for this tunisian stitch. Because in this stitch, you have to yarn over all the stitches on same time. You will learn this blanket in the given video, below. So this video will teach you how to make this Tunisian crochet blanket. I hope you would love this pattern and would love to try this blanket of would love to try this stitch to make some other projects. If you have any question, you can ask me in comment section. Thank you all in advance.

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This is gorgeous and pretty in multicolor. This is all made with joining the motifs. In this pattern, 3d shape motifs are made to create this beautiful look for bed cover or bad throw. Different motifs with different colors but with the same pattern are crocheted and then joined each other to make a beautiful bed throw. This is so beautiful pattern. It’s also thick pattern with no holes. You can make this pattern easily by following the patterns that I have attached below this blog. This is super easy pattern for you all to watch, try and make a same beautiful bed cover. This is so pretty pattern and I have never seen such a pretty pattern with 3d look. This 3d look creates a wonderful look to your bed cover. I love it and want to try it for my bed. Below, I have attached a YouTube video and a graph pattern for you all to understand this beautiful pattern easily. Video pattern is done with full details and you can make a same bed cover by following the pattern step by step. Graph pattern is given too with the video pattern for you to get practice. If you are bad at watching videos and then trying, then you can download the graph picture and take a look. Its easy and time consuming for you. In graph pattern, stitches are given in a clear way for you to look and count. You can make this pattern in any color. If you do not like the multi colors , then you can go with single color or 2 colors than multi colors. Two shades with one light color and one dark color, would make a beautiful contrast for your bed cover.