Hello my loves, how are you? Welcome everyone to another class here on the channel. In today’s video we will learn how to make a sample of a rug base, but you can use this stitch to make blankets. You can do other work too if you wish and to make this sample I will use this string from EuroRoma or Ecosoft.


Crochet Trending Pattern for Sweaters Shawls Vest Tops

It is number six and to make this sample together with this string I will use needle number 3.5 millimeters. Whenever we buy the yarn, the right needle indication appears on the label so we can work in the most correct way, but if you Pefer to use a needle number 3 or a needle number 4, you can do that too. No problem. I will use needle number 3.5 millimeters.

It is a very soft yarn. Very enjoyable to work with. It really surprised me. EuroRoma is sustainable brand. So all the work we do with these strings automatically helps the environment and not to mention the durability of these strings. These are the threads that EuroRoma produces. t’s amazing how long these pieces last. Crochet Trending Pattern for Sweaters Shawls Vest Tops

I have rugs at home that I made approximately 10 years ago and they are still in perfect condition. o EuroRoma is also synonymous with durability. This stitch that we are going to do today is a multiple of 9, that is, we are going to always do it every nine initial chains until we reach the width of our piece here. For example, if you are a beginner and want to make a rug, you will measure approximately the width you want your rug to be.

If it is a sink or door rug, you can measure the width of the rug and you will do nine chains at a time until you reach that width. Length is always relative to the number of lines. So to make this sample here with you, I’m going to work on making 36 chains here. We did all the initial chains here. Now we’re going to loop our hook and we can start working on the ninth chain. We have here the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth chain.

Here we will insert the needle and make a double crochet, Leaving an empty square in the corner. Let’s make two separation chains. We loop the needle and skip two base stitches. In the third we will do a high point. Two chains. We skip two base stitches and in the next one we do double crochet. So we keep repeating it all the way down the line.

Crochet Trending Pattern for Sweaters Shawls Vest Tops

Arriving at the end of our line we are left with 10 empty squares, thus making the first line. Now we’re going to turn our piece over. Without making any upward chain, we go straight to this first point and we’re going to work a low point here, making a base here for our high point so it doesn’t become so loose. So let’s make two more chains that serve here as the first double crochet counting on the single crochet and we make two more separating chains.

Then we have single crochet, four more chains. We loop our needle and we’re going to come to the next double crochet and we’re going to work here making a double crochet. Within this chain space we will work two high points in the same place. On top of this high point we work a stitch. Let’s go to the next one and make two double crochets in the same place and a double crochet on top of this base point here.


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