Hello, my loves, how are you? Welcome everyone to another video here on the channel. In today’s class we are going to learn how to make one more amazing stitch. It is a very beautiful stitch and also very easy to make. Some people call this point the Alpine point. Anyone who knows the correct name of it, can leave it below in the comments that will help a lot other people who want to know the name of the point. If you haven’t subscribed here to the channel, subscribe now. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel.



Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To make this point we always need to initially make an odd number of currents. To make this sample here with you, I’m going to work making 17 chains here. After doing all the initial chains. We’re going to loop our hook and we’re going to start working on the fourth chain. So we have the first, second, third. In the fourth chain we will place the needle and make a double crochet here. These three chains already serve as the first point of the line. Let’s go to the next one and also work high point.

In the next one too. So, we’re going to keep doing it for our entire line. Double crochet in each base stitch. Coming here at the end we were left with 15 double crochets. Now let’s make three chains here that already serve as the first stitch of the next line. We turned work. The next point we are going to work by taking this way here embracing the point. Let’s bring a loop. We loop the needle. In the same place we will embrace this stitch again and work one more loop. Let’s take out these loops and now we take out these two last ones. We loop the needle. This point here we are going to work in relief, taking it from the back. The next stitch we will work by hugging it and making the two loops here.


The next one we’re going to embrace and we’re going to work a raised stitch by taking it behind our stitch. So we are interleaving throughout our line. The last stitch we are going to work on top of this third chain making double crochet. So the beginning of the line and the end are the same with a dot on each side and our work will look like this. Look how beautiful our point is. It’s pretty delicate. Now we’re going to go up three streams here. Flip the work over and now we’re going to work crochet into each stitch that we’ve grounded like this until the end. We cannot skip any points. Let’s keep the same amount of stitches as in the previous rows. The last point we worked on top of this third chain. So, we finish one more line. Now let’s make three chains here. Flip our work. These three chains always serve as the first point of the line.

Now we’re going to repeat exactly what we did on this line right here. So at this point we are going to work the two loops. We loop the needle. The next stitch we work on from the back making a raised stitch embracing the stitch like this. The next stitch we will work with the two loops hugging the base treble crochet. So, we are interleaving until the end of the line. The last stitch of the line we will make on top of this third chain working normal double crochet.


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