Hello and welcome to my crochet free patterns site. Today I am again sharing a very new and beautiful pattern. Its free video pattern you can learn easily. The elongated point and now we are going to join it in the last petal that we made. So on top of this space. Right up here getting like this. Let’s bring that loop. We make a chain and work the five points inside. Then we make two more petals like this one so we can have the same design. So our work will always be formed by the repetition of these two lines. It’s not a difficult job to do. With a little practice, we’ll decorate here how to make this sequence of stitches. If you have questions, you can rewind the video and leave it here at a slower speed so that you can follow it more easily, or you can leave it in the comments and I’ll help you.


Crochet super cute idea for sweaters shawls vests tunic tops free pattern

I’m going to work this line here. Then come back making this line of chains with low points. We will always repeat these two lines throughout our piece. I made a few more lines here so you can visualize the design of the piece. It is full of flowers. This amazing drawing in our work. We can work quilts. We can also make cushion covers, baby blankets, table runners. We can create many beautiful pieces with this stitch. I hope you have enjoyed our work.  where we used two colors to make the piece. In this video we are going to do it with just one color so you can see how beautiful this stitch is for us to work on rugs, cushion covers. We can make table runners. We can also make footboards, baby blankets, sofa blankets.

Finally, an infinity of things that we can create with this stitch. It is a multiple of 5 + 2, that is, we are going to make every five initial chains until we reach the size of our piece. At the end we make two more chains to start the first row. So to do this sample with you. I’m going to work making 22 chains. After doing all the initial chains. We are going to loop the hook and start working on the fourth chain making a double crochet here. Let’s go in the next chain and also work a double crochet. These three chains that are here in the corner of the work already serve as the first point of the line. Let’s go to the next one. In the next one too. We are left with five starting points here. Now we are going to work 10 chains. After making the 10 chains we are going to come to this first double crochet and we are going to take these two strings from it like this here. We bring a loop and finish this point with a slip stitch. Thus, the first little ring here on the line. We lasso. Let’s go to the next point and work a double crochet.

Crochet super cute idea for sweaters shawls vests tunic tops free pattern

In the next one too until we have five. We do the 10 chains. Let’s come to this high point by taking these two rings and we finish this point with a very low point like this. We’ve looped and now we’re going to make five more double crochets We make 10 chains again. We close here with a very low point and finish the line making 5 double crochets. So, we’re left with the ringlets up here. Let’s now make a chain that already serves as the first single crochet of the next row.