Hello and welcome to my crochet blog. Hope you all are doing well. Summer is about to end and you all will need so more patterns to work on a projects. I have brought some different ideas and patterns of square motifs. These motifs can be used in many projects. You can use them a a piece or you can join multiple of these to make some big item. so today am sharing about six patterns or different design motifs in square shape.

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Here is today’s first pattern for making a square motif. You can make one piece by doing rounds and rounds. If you like you can do small squares and then attach them to make a big blankets . This is so cool pattern. You can make afghans, blankets, throws and many things with this pattern. I have attached free pattern along with picture. Click on the picture and get free pattern.

This 3d flower square motif is so beautiful and unique in style. This is very i=different pattern and looks so gorgeous.

This square is beautiful and easy one. In this pattern , start from the center then go around . You can make this square as big as you want.

This square is so pretty and can be done for making a beautiful blanket. Make these squares in same colors and then attach them together. Puff stitch with different colors, is creating very delicate look in this pattern.

This is just perfect square for doing christmas blankets and bags or scarfs. Colors looks so pretty with each other. Pattern is also easy to follow.

This flower 3d motif ic super cute and Best for making pillow case, afghans and bags. Do these flowers in different colors and then attach them all to make an afghan.

I love to work on Crochet coasters. This is Paw coaster, as you can see. It looks so cute and pretty, also a new idea to give you table a new kitty type look. I hope you’ll love making this. Its so easy to make. Two colors are basic for this pattern. You can use any of two shades for this coaster.


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