Look at these sparrows. So cute and realistic birds crochet work. This is masterpiece i have ever seen. These birds are made with wool, and filled with soft fiber. This is completely handmade with crochet. This can be a great gift or a cut decoration in house corner or in nest. These birds are really fun to make. Most of the part of these birds are made with single crochet nd some or double crochet in feathers. I hope you would love to make these. If you wanna buy, shop link is given below.

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Can you believe this sparrow is not real. This is full hand made, full crocheted. Yes you can create a lot of things by crochet either wearable, toys or birds or animal amigurumi. This is the best art to spend the tie in. This art is my passion and therapy for me to erase my depressed times in life. By this art of crochet you are able to make beautiful dresses, tops, blankets, sweaters, shawls, socks, shoes, hats ,bags ,toys and many more things for yourself, for your family or friends. This is the best art which is more creative than others. Knitting is also a beneficial art as crochet. Some people who do not know crochet, they think that knitting and crochet is the same thing. No, these are very different with each other. In knitting, you have to work with both hands. Each hand holds  a needle and fingers pass the thread. Knitting works in front side and you do not turn the work. While on the other side, you do crochet with one hand. You have only one hook . one hand holds the hook and other holds or deliver the yarn. In crochet , you have to turn the work every other row. But if you are working in circular pattern, its your choice to turn or not.

This male sparrow is as real as original. Many people think its real but its crocheted. You can see the threads and the stitches. Its not very tough to make but it requires a lot of effort and neat hands. If you are a beginner and you only know about very few pattern or stitches, you cannot do these sparrows .

 This picture shows the work of this crochet sparrow done in steps. I do not have a video or a written paten for the same sparrow. But you can do by following this picture. You can see how the body is made by using double crochet stitch and single crochet stitch. Body is filled with soft fiber and then sewed.  

written pattern

Mostly people want to know about the written or videos tutorial for these sparrows. I tried to find out the same pattern but that is not available. These sparrows are only available to shop. Pattern is not available in written or video . you can make your own sparrow bird by following the steps given in pictures .


    • Hello,
      These sparrow’s are amazing and so realistic….
      You had replied to some request that pattern link is given but it’s not showing …
      Can you please help us with the link again.
      Thank you

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