Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you? In today’s class we are going to learn how to make another very easy crochet stitch that we can use to make any piece here in crochet. We can make rugs, table runners. We can make blankets, including baby blankets, sofa blankets, bed blankets, footboards. We can use creativity and make many beautiful pieces with this stitch.

Free pattern here

Crochet Snowflake Square Pattern Tutorial FREE

I have YouTube channel named Crochet Online Course. I have a lot of free pattern ideas. If you haven’t subscribed here to the channel, subscribe now. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. I’ll be very thankful to you.  This stitch that we are going to make today is a multiple of three, that is, we are going to make every three initial chains until we reach the size of our desired piece. So to make this sample here with you. I’m going to work making 18 starting chains. After making all the chains we’re going to start working on the third chain making a crochet here. Let’s go to the next one and work also low point.

So, we’re going to do it for our entire line. Low stitch at each point that we have a base. Arriving here at the end of the line we are left with 17 points. Now we’re going to make three chains. Flip our work. Let’s skip a point. In the next one we’re going to put the needle in and make half a double crochet. We loop. In the same space we will work half a double crochet like this. Now we take out these three chains at once. So we did two double crochets together. Finished together. Now let’s make a separation chain. We loop the needle. In the same space we go back and repeat the two stitches made here in half. Now we loop and pull out all three loops at once. This being the beginning of our point. We make a chain stitch here.

Crochet Snowflake Square Pattern Tutorial FREE

We loop. We skip two base points. Next time we will repeat. We make a chain and we’re going to repeat, skipping two stitches and making the two stitches here, finishing together. A chain. Two more points that we will finish together. So, we’re going to go to the end of our line. Arriving here at the end of our line, let’s make a chain. Loop the needle. Skip a base stitch and in this chain that we have here in the corner we are going to make the last stitch by double crochet. So we finish our line. Now let’s make a chain. Turn here our point. This chain already serves as the first stitch of the line.

Now let’s go in this space that we have a point here and we work low point. At this point we also worked low point. In this space that we have here that we have made a chain, we also work low crochet and so we are going to do low crochet in each space that we have as a base at each base point. That way we do until the end. Arriving here at the end of our line, we are going to make a chain on top of this next one that we have here which is our space and we are going to make the last stitch on top of this second chain that we have here. Now let’s make three chains, with two chains serving as the first double crochet.