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This is really very beautiful pattern for baby blankets, shawls, scarfs, vest , or even throws or any project. This looks so lovely for any project. I love this pattern for baby blankets. This is easy pattern. Every crochet artist can do this pattern easily. If you are on beginner level or master level, you can do it easily. This pattern can be used to make baby blankets, cardigans, dress, shawls, curtains, throws or many projects. This pattern is really beautiful and can be used in any project. This can be done in any color. I would love to do this in single color, baby pink or white. White color crochet looks so classy and beautiful. White color is for both genders, so you can do this for boy or girl too in white color. Beads are added on this blanket to give a fancy look. For baby blankets, you can skip this part to add bead or pearls on it. Many people scare to use beads or something like that for baby items, because babies can eat them. For shawls, beads would create more beautiful look. I would also prefer bead on women vests. This pattern is done in parts. You need to crochet single motifs then join these all together. This is easy process to do all. I love it because its easy to complete. You can create any shape with this pattern of motifs. For shawls, do create a shape of triangle. Join the motifs and make shawl. Color is your choice. you can add single color or multiple color to this pattern. For multiple colors, you need to do each motif in a different color,then joining them together. Below, i am attaching a video pattern for this motif blanket. This is a detailed video how to crochet the motif and then how to join them. If you follow this video step by step, its very easy to make a shawl or a blanket with it easily. This pattern is easy if you follow it completely. I hope you will understand this pattern and would love to try out. If you have any question about this pattern, ask me in comment section. Thank you in advance.

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This is crochet 3D hat for babies. This is so beautiful and looks too pretty on babies. This is easy pattern to follow. You just need to know how to do double crochet and how to do back post double crochet. If you know about these two stitches, then its really very easy for you to make a cap for your baby. You can also make this cap for adults. It looks so beautiful on every age, on every gender. Boy can wear this cap too. This cap is started from the top or the cap. First, do a magic circle, and start making chains and double crochets all over the magic ring. Its easy to do. It looks complicated to do but in face, this is the easiest pattern for a pretty cap. Hope you will love this patter and would love to do a cap for your loved one.

In addition, this pattern is not only for cap or hat. You can use this pattern for making blankets, cardigans, rompers, vest, shawls, scarfs, bags etc. Blanket with this 3d pattern would look so eye catching. I would love to do cap, blanket and a jumper with same 3d pattern for a baby girl. That would be a great set gift for the little princess. Scarf or a shawl with this pattern, for your mom or grand mom, would be a great gift too. I love this pattern so much and want to do a lot of projects with this pattern.

This pattern for the cap is basically taken from the ‘’Tallermanuelperu’’ YouTube channel. She is a great lady with so much crochet talent. I love to see and follow all her patterns. She mostly does bags with different pattern and 3d caps. So this is her one of the masterpiece. I love her work.


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